Detailed explanation of Capricorn in 12 constellations


Capricorn (tenth house) December 21-22 ~ January 19-20

  • Constellation alias: Capricorn in the west, Capricorn in the Japan, Capricorn in the ancient times, and Capricorn by mistake.
  • Symbolic meaning: goat, goat's horn and tail, goat victim.
  • Constellation symbol: the earth sign, the basic constellation of Yin, and the constellation of women and half bad luck.
  • Guardian planet: Saturn.
  • Relative Constellation: cancer.
  • Patron saint: Greece Cronus Rome sarden
  • Auspicious metal: lead.
  • Auspicious gem: Onyx
  • Favorite color: black or sea blue.
  • Auspicious day: Saturday.
  • Auspicious numbers: 8, 16, 26, 35.
  • Lucky spot: a hidden place away from noise and excitement
  • Constellation formula: I use.
  • Constellation formula: management, governance, domination, control, ambition.
  • Temple Planet: Saturn.
  • Prosperous Planet: Mars.
  • Sunken Planet: moon.
  • Weak Planet: Jupiter.
  • Body parts: knee, lower part of legs, knee bones, joints, teeth, bone system, triple energizer, whole body integration system.
  • Constellation disease: rheumatism, knee or bone disease.
  • He is a person who likes to be patient and thoughtful.
  • Desire: a lover who can undertake family obligations.
  • Cheated: because I dare not try.
  • Like: go to work.
  • Fear: being late.
  • Pursuit: always right.
  • Weakness: get involved.
  • Advantage: time.
  • Disadvantage: doubt.
  • Holiday life: mountaineering, chess, cave exploration.
  • Expenditure: expand one's own economic accumulation.
  • Favorite places: ancient rock landscapes and quiet forests.
  • Auspicious plants: belladonna, ivy, cypress, coriander, Datura, raspberry.
  • Living conditions: the interior should be full of a quiet atmosphere with a hint of coolness; Antique furniture and furnishings include antiques and traditional handicrafts.
  • Ideal country of residence: Greece, Albania, Bolivia, Mexico, Afghanistan, India, Bulgaria
  • Positive characteristics: conservative, prudent, responsible, cautious, traditional, enterprising, perfectionist, practical, hardworking, thrifty and strict.
  • Negative characteristics: egocentric, arbitrary, unforgiving, fatalistic, reason before emotion, stubborn, repressed, indulged in meditation, utilitarian.

Capricorn is a constellation that symbolizes the beginning of winter. Winter devotes absolute consciousness to Capricorn born people without reservation. Capricorn, especially when there are several planets in your constellation at the same time, you will be a realistic and ambitious person; At the same time, you are easily conquered by warm feelings. You are a person with a strong spirit of selflessness. Your expression is calm and indifferent. You are not easy to approach and like to be alone. You are afraid that other people's meaningless conversation will occupy your precious time, and you can't accept that others are rude to you. You are strict, serious, thoughtful, consistent, loyal, honest, and dedicated. In addition, you are firm as a rock, never compromise, never tolerate tolerance, and never report any illusions. You live in seclusion and like to shut yourself up in an ivory tower, which is much better for you than going through the baptism of passion. Caution may make you miss many good opportunities, so you will feel disappointed and disappointed. However, you are really a responsible, hardworking worker and outstanding organizer. Like climbing mountains, Capricorn people's glorious future needs to be exchanged with unremitting efforts. Your success mainly depends on your spirit of hard work and your ability to work, not on the gift of luck. You don't like doing nothing and doing nothing. Your sense of reality urges you to continuously improve your work quality and living environment.

Capricorn people are career oriented and often put their personal life aside. Everything starts from the most realistic point of view, starts from scratch in a down-to-earth manner, and pursues tangible results. Your desire for success may be to compensate for some inner need or deep loneliness, but you never confuse your feelings with your career. Your logical thinking, objective attitude and organizational concept may lead you to an important position in higher vocational education, and sometimes lead you to the path of social or political life. Many national leaders, in your heavenly palace chart, are mainly influenced by Capricorn.

Generally speaking, in youth, due to lack of enthusiasm, they are not likely to win the favor of others. When they are young, they are always full of difficulties, and sometimes even go through hardships. However, this situation will stimulate your determination to fight for your bright future. If you can carry out your career throughout, your intellectual advantage will become more and more obvious as you grow older. From more than 50 years old, Capricorn people can enter the golden age of your life. In your later years, you will reach a perfect state both mentally and materially, and you will taste the sweetness of the fruits of your labor.

Capricorn people cherish the wealth gained through their hard work. The expenditure is very planned. I don't like to waste. Thrift is its essence. It's easier for you to excel in traditional, methodical work than in innovative work. Especially when Saturn is in Capricorn or Aquarius, or in the first, tenth, seventh or fourth house of the zodiac.