The best time to ask 12 constellations to marry

Any liquid can reach its boiling point if temperature is high enough. So is there a relatively unchangeable marriage time to make you realize it is time to get married when you and your lover are immersed in the passionate love? The answer is yes of course, but most people do not realize their marriage time. So let's take a analysis to let you grasp your emotional pulse, and then follow up a victory with hot pursuit and walk into the wedding hall with your lover! (Please refer to the sun sign and rising sign )

Aries : meet my freshness at anytime

Aries people are unsophisticated, but prefer change frequently. Only the things that make them keep freshness at any time can stimulate their long-term interests. Due to concern about the aestheticly tired and other reasons, some Aries people do not have confidence in love and marriage. But if they truly find the freshness to meet their desires at any time and let them always keep the different attitudes in front of their own love, then most Aries will not wait to say "I do"!

Taurus : exchange unchangeable loyalty mutually

Taurus people have high demands of the stability of marriage, they do not like to have emotional association with others easily. The attitude toward marriage is even more cautious. They would not like to break this social relationship, since it contains a contractual meaning. Once determined to deliver themselves to lovers, they must be cautious. However, if someone can make them have enough sense of trust, then the marriage time is coming.

Gemini : accept and meet my curiosity

Gemini people like to make observation and have super curiosity. Although there are many changes everyday, the only constant is their curiosity. They wish to have new discoveries even for the stable marital relationship. If they feel that lovers are able to discuss new findings with them, and even actively seek their kind, they can hardly wait to pull the other march on towards the wedding hall.

Cancer : be content with home life with me

Cancer people pay much importance to family. Home is always a source of strength and sheltering harbor for Cancer to put down all the are the burden. So, if you want to completely conquer Cancer, just let them be sure that you are more reliable than their parents, and give them more stable support, they will be willing to deliver their future to you!

Leo : willing to convince me / let me convinced willingly 

In love stage Leo people have a strong desire to conquer. But in the aspect of selecting marriage object, male and female have different demands and preferences. Male Leo would like to have an endearing lover to meet his desire to conquer. While female Leo is only willing to surrender to the strong man who can make her lay down her desire to conquer, also obey and follow willingly. As long as you can meet the requirements of your Leo lover, then congratulations, you've reached mark!

Virgo : give me enough security

Virgo people are always calm and restrained to outsiders, they like to use a rational way to analyze and deal with emotional problems. This is because they tend to regard marriage's focus as the sharing of the spiritual realm. And it is not easy to find anyone to be able to satisfy this sharing of the private sector. Unless they can find enough sense of security to let they feel that they can open their hearts unreservedly without fear of being suspected nor worrying about being injured ...... otherwise there is no chance to talk about marriage!

Libra : have a similar outlook on life, values with me

Libra people will also regard the key of marriage as "sharing", but they tend to focus more on practical aspects of life. Specifically, they have very high demand on the quality of life. If they can not share ideal life with a loved one, they would rather clung to celibacy, nor wrong themselves. They will never get married limpingly. So if you want to let Libra reach marriageable point, you have to learn to understand and accept the concepts of life and value, then you may have chance to get married.

Scorpio : the first feeling is very important

Although most of the time Scorpio people look resolute and indifferent, they do not like to have too much interaction with the outside world, but in dealing with emotional problems, they are more willing to act impetuously. It's hard to discuss essential condition of marriage because they often fall into love at first sight. While only when you want to get married with Scorpio, your lover will put all heart to you. The first feeling is very important

Sagittarius : burn with me crazily

Sagittarius people prefer that kind of romantic, crazy and aesthetic style of love. Some people may think this idea is too childish, it is inevitable to be exhausted due to lack of rational "technical support". You hardly realize that this is the the reason why they do not get married! Indeed, Sagittarius have very high emotional needs, it is really difficult to satisfy their psychology for ordinary people. But if someone let them see the hope of lasting romance, they will decisively choose marriage to tie themselves with such people.

Capricorn : let me discuss the future with him willingly

Capricorn people cherish their love very much, they would hope it is the last game of love and it is the end of marriage, though they may fall in love for many times. Despite they are rational and they also know it is very likely to come to nothing, but they will still stubbornly and repeatedly talk about the feasibility from love to marriage. And only in this study they can find their favorite lovers, thus safely begin to consider the ultimate event!

Aquarius : truly have equal treatment with me

Although Aquarius people always give the strong impression in everyday life, they will not regard the desire to control as the primary goal when they are looking for a life partner, but more think of the mutual understanding and equality in spiritual realm. They believe that marriage is like a game of chess on the future of life, only to find the strength of the opponent, the game would have been interested. So if you want to find Aquarius people's marriage point, you'd better stand on the same height in the spiritual realm with them firstly!

Pisces : be assured to cry against him

Pisces people have a strong inner emotional side. Some Pisces are shy, so they would rather make themselves look sophisticated in face of the outside world. In fact they are more likely to have hurts in heart. They desperately need a soul healer. So if you want to capture the heart of Pisces, be sure to let them feel that you fully understand them, and you can fully accept their past!