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The most dangerous time to get married for 12 constellations

1, Aries      The dangerous period: six months after marriage

When Aries people build a family, you should learn how to distribute housework and power. If the two people can accommodate each other, then everything will be ok. Otherwise, the impulsive and feisty characters will certainly make a big contradiction. If you do not want to break up with your lover, you should learn to be self-effacing and share family responsibilities and obligations, the best policy is to discuss.

2, Taurus     The dangerous period: when children get married

The two most important properties for Taurus are deposits and children. If you lose them, you will exclude your life, resulting in abnormal psychology. The couple should make joint efforts to reverse such mind and let you know that the most important thing is your children's marriage.

3, Gemini     The dangerous period: when children were born

Gemini people do not have the consciousness of parents, you will often go out to play regardless of your children. This you will may put all pressures to your lover. How won't your lover get angry? Marital relationship will become bad! So you'd better have more trianing to have stronger sense of responsibility.

4, Cancer     The dangerous period: at about 30 years old

It is a high-pressure period to work hard and take responsibilty of family at about 30 years old. This is also the most frustrated period for Cancer people. Then if your partner can not understand your frustration and hard work, you are very likely to have relationship with other opposite sex. If an opposite sex takes initiative to comfort you, then it is very prone to have small episode. So you and your partner should pay attention to understand and communicate mutually to avoid "accident".

5, Leo     The dangerous period: at about 40 years old

At this period you may be very successful in career, career accomplishments can no longer bring passion to you. You need a new "sense of accomplishment" to satisfy your vanity, so you may want to show advantages and charm to attract the younger opposite sex to bow and follow. If you want to not only prove your charm, but also keep the marriage, you must constantly reinvent yourselves and praise each other, so that you can continue to get "a sense of accomplishment" at home.

6, Virgo     The dangerous period: Menopause

Virgo people will become very picky in Menopause, you will be violent due to a little dissatisfaction. Then it is very likely to have war family at any time, loved ones will become enemies. This is a very difficult period of time, so your lover should understand you a little more, so you can have brighter future marriage!

7, Libra     The dangerous period: 7-10 years after marriage

During this time husband and wife are too familiar with each other, you also have children as a contact in feelings, so the vast majority of people will be assured of marriage. You may no longer care about your image in front of your lover, and fully expose your shortcomings. You have aesthetic cleanliness, so you are unbearable, so you will inevitably tend to be interested in other beautiful opposite sex. If you want to successfully complete this transition, then you need to find beauty and produce beauty more to keep your marriage fresh. Then your marriage will develop towards positive and healthy direction.

8, Scorpio      The dangerous period: 1 year after marriage

Newlyweds are very sweet naturally, but the passion will decline after one year or half, you may begin to take into account of the circle of friends. But you only allow yourself to contact with opposite sex. You will become jealous if your lover maintains good relationship with the opposite sex, you will be afraid that your lover may have chaotic past exprience. Scorpio couple should spend this off, it is best to integrate into the circle of friends with each other, you'd better establish mutual friends and enhance mutual trust.

9, Sagittarius     The dangerous period: 4-5 years after marriage

This period is the start of tedious life, the couple have to work hard and take care of children, you are so busy, you have no free time to have the intimate relations or make amusement and recreation. Perhaps you even have no time to talk. Since you always have full of idealism in love, so you may become confused under such circumstance. You may also want to find another romantic playmate. If you want to keep your marriage, you must communicate with each other to seek joy amidst sorrow.

10, Capricorn     The dangerous period: at retirement

Retirement means to lose focus in life for Capricorn, also means the loss of leadership of children (at this time children are all grown up and married). Huge gap may let you vent your desire of leadership to your lover, you will be very strict in your lover in order to achieve psychological balance. No one likes this strong desire of leadership, so contradictory will break out instantly. After retirement you may wish to participate in club activities to divert your attention, and your lover should understand your transformation, and actively help you adjust the lost mind.

11, Aquarius       The dangerous period: 2-3 years after marriage

The new experience by marriage will make you happy to share surprise with lover. After this fresh period, you will deeply feel shackles of marriage. You may try to seek your freedom, thinking about running out all day. How can your lover endure? But more complaints will make you flee away more farther. Your marriage will naturally get off track. If you want to avoid this crisis, you'd better have more common interests and hobbies, you'd better regard your lover as your friend.

12, Pisces    The dangerous period: when children are in childhood

After the birth of your children, you will certainly put more thought into your children, but you will be at loggerheads with your lover. If your lover loved your children more than you, you will produce unbalance in your heart. You may also feel unsatisfied with the passage. If you want to have a happy family, you'd better play a good part in marriage, your lover should understand and comfort you more.