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What constellations would hide sadness deeply?


Life is a sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty combination, no one can escape, you can only face bravely or timidly, so there are a wide variety of joy, and sad feelings. But most people show their sadness transparently enough, they tell their sadness directly even without taking into account the image. However, some people's grief is like autumn leave. It is hard to understand.


Gemini people have dual character, it is difficult to understand them, but this does not affect them to make friends or find lovers. And it is precisely because of such a personality that make them attractive, make others always want to know them more in depth. It is hard to understand their sadness. Even they are laughing and running happily, it is always difficult to ignore their faint sadness in eyes. Gemini people are easy to indulge in feelings of grief, unable to extricate themselves. But if you ask them, they would not tell you. Perhaps they are unwilling to confess sadness, which is the most haunting knot. That is their story, they do not need others to visit the secret garden, but more keep calm and happy.


Libra people do not care too much for others, but they always care about a lot of their own. They pay attention to harmony, never reluctant to argue with others, but this does not mean they do not care about other people's pleasure, anger, sorrow, happiness. On the contrary, cautious and sensitive Libra people think about others rather than their own. It is easy to embarrass themselves. They like to pursue good things, they are always able to stay away from sadness as far as possible. However, it is always too good to imagine, the reality is always too cruel. While they are quite hesitant, can not always make decisions quickly, They will think about too much, so sadness becomes muffled. Libra people are reluctant to say, no one can guess. The simple sadness become obscure secret.


Pisces is the most fantastic constellation, they are half awake in reality, half walking in a dream. Only they know what kind of dream. Perhaps it is a beautiful fairy tale, perhaps it is a meandering river, or maybe it is just a falling leave. They are never reluctant to mention about the sadness, they are always looking forward with confidence every day. And they are particularly good at deception, you can also say that they are about to comfort themselves when encountering unhappy things. But they can not play any role in comfort after repeated disappointment, the pent-up feelings of sadness may burst out, but they have a particularly gentle personality, do not like to disturb the peace of others. So they often smile and say it is all right. Their sadness is like the tear into the water, it is hard to comfort them. Their grief is just like a dream.