To analysis constellation men's view of marriage by blood type


The average age of marriage are constantly increasing with times, especially for men. It will not be regarded as a late marriage if a man got married at about 30 years old. The positive constellations ( Aries , Gemini, Leo, Libra , Sagittarius , Aquarius ) men are more likely to get married early, while the negative constellations ( Taurus , Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio , Capricorn , Pisces ) men are likely to get married lately. This is probably because that the positive constellations are constituted by the decisive fire and wind, while the negative constellations are constituted by the stable earth and water.

In the positive constellations, B blood tye Aries man is likely to have flash marriage, he will not take into account of the stability of life, he will get married as long as he fell in love in any case. However, since his love comes and goes quickly, he can not keep long marriage.

AB blood type Leo man wishes to have a hero's wedding like in the drama, he will not take into account of the other's opposition, he likes the flash marriage. Once he has a lady of his heart, he will immediately start to design an amazing love story.

The representative constellation of late marriage is Capricorn, and the A blood type Capricorn man is too careful in marriage, so he is very likely to have late marriage. Some A blood type Capricorn men will even get married due to dating. It is very lucky to marry such kind of husbands, because most of them are very perseverant and manful.

AB-type Sagittarius and AB-type Aquarius men do not attach importance to marriage and family. More than 90% are unwilling to be bound by the family. This kind of people like cohabitation than marriage.

Blood type B-type Gemini man is also very busy for career, he has no time to attend to marriage, so he is very likely to live a single life.