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From palmistry to see if your marriage is happy

Everyone has a marriage line on the palm, which is growing from the root of little finger and diageotropic towards Mercury mound. There are usually more than one marriage line, you must choose one of the most clear and longest one as the marriage line. In palmistry, it is used to judge the good or bad of your marriage. Marriage line length should not exceed the dividing line of Mercury Ling and the Sun Ling. Excellent marriage line shall be judged with the clear business line, sun line, and Venus Ling.

  1. Marriage line tail is bending to the base of finger, which means that the person would keep singlehood for various reasons..
  2. Marriage line tail is bending towards the feelings of the line, which means that the spouse would die firstly, if the sharp droped suddenly, which means the spouse might die due to a sudden accident.
  3. Marriage line is very long and ends at the sun Ling, which means that this person would be able to get married with celebrities or rich people, and make great development in later years. However, the head line of the long marriage line would hang, which means the people like to take the fantasy novels or love story as their own template. They would be likely to cause the breakdown of the marriage, so this kind of people should face reality and use the rational cultivation to overcome emergence of adverse outcomes.
  4. Marriage line is interruptted, which indicates that the person might break up with spouse. If two lines overlap on the interruptted area, which means there is the possibility of reunion.
  5. Marriage line is very long and drooping through the emotional line, business line and ending at the center of the palm, which means that one spouse would die because of a disaster. If this line continues to sag through the lifeline, which means that the couple would eventually divorce. If the hands are all like this, which means you would definitely divorce.
  6. Marriage line is very long and passing through the Belt of Venus, which means that this person is selfish with strong possessive, the person would use all the means to separate the loving people, regardless of married or not. And the person would have no confidence in lover all day paranoid, and limit the other's freedom.
  7. If the marriage line tail is forked, which means that the couples would be affected by the environment and cause long-separation (for example, one party studys or work abroad,. etc.). If the tail is forked and through emotional line, which means a broken marriage, but the couple could not complete the agreement, and have to file a lawsuit. If a horizontal line appears from the two forks and extends to the cross pattern of the career line, such line would occur rarely. if this pattern appeared, the person would be sentenced to the death penalty, thus the marriage would come to an end.
  8. If marriage line shows fringe-shape, which indicates that the person would not be faithful in love, and would have close relationship with the outside heterosexual after marriage, thus leading to separation or divorce.
  9. When the marriage line shows trigeminal peak shape with many branches, which means that this man is a greedy lecher, he might do incestuous things, or kill the spouse.
  10. Marriage line is bending upward with branches, which means that this person would have worse and worse horoscope after marriage, and would meet career failure or bankruptcy tendencies.
  11. The island pattern appeared in the middle of marriage line, which means that the couple would break up to age of the island pattern, it would be too serious if there are too many different island lines.
  12. If the marriage line is bending downward, and cross pattern appears on the bending area, which means that the spouse would experience a disaster or sudden misfortune.

What marriage line features indicate you could marry into rich home

  1. The slanting branches extend upward the marriage line, which means that the person would be lucky after marriage, career would be smooth and get double harvests in both psychoactive and substances. If it reached the sun hill, the person would get married with the VIP or Big Spender.
  2. Marriage line stretched towards the ring finger, and at the same time a cross pattern (or star pattern) appeared, which means the person would get married with wealthy person or person of note.

These are some rather special signs, in general speaking marriage line should be deep and clear, which means that this person would love for long time and establish a happy family, very short and shallow and wide representation of more or less bad.