From palmistry to see if your marriage is happy



  • The end of the marriage line turns upward in the direction of the base, indicating that it will embrace singleness for various reasons and will not talk about marriage all its life.
  • The end of the marriage line bends downward towards the emotional line, indicating that the spouse will die first. If the end is sharp and suddenly sagging, the spouse will die suddenly.
  • The marriage line is very long, ending at the sun mausoleum, which means that this person will be able to marry celebrities or rich people, with great prosperity in his middle and old age. However, most of the long marriage line has a drooping mind line. Such people like to fantasize about taking novels or love stories as their model, which is easy to cause the breakdown of marriage. Therefore, such people should face the reality and restrain the emergence of such bad results with rational cultivation.
  • If the marriage line is interrupted, it means that the marriage will break up, the husband and wife will turn against each other or divorce. If the two lines overlap each other, it means that there is still the possibility of reunion.
  • The marriage line is very long and sagging through the emotional line and career line and ends in the center of the palm, which means that one of the couple will die due to disaster. If this line continues to sag through the lifeline, it means that the couple will eventually divorce. If both hands are like this, it is certain that this person will divorce.
  • The marriage line is very long, crossing the Venus belt, which means that this person is selfish and possessive. For the person he loves, no matter whether he is married or not, he will use all means to break up the other party and take it for himself, but he has no confidence in the other party, is suspicious all day and restricts the other party's freedom.
  • The bifurcation at the end of the marriage line means that the husband and wife must be affected by the environment, resulting in long-term separation (for example, one of them goes abroad for investigation, study or work, etc.). If the tail forks and crosses the emotional line, it means that the marriage is broken, but the divorce can not complete the agreement, so we have to go to the court. If there is a horizontal line between the two forks, which extends to the cross pattern above the career line, this pattern rarely appears. If there is this pattern, it will be sentenced to death for a crime, and its marriage life will end.
  • The marriage line is in a tassel shape, which means that this person is not specialized in love and has a close relationship with external heterosexual friends after marriage, so one party can't tolerate separation or divorce.
  • The end of the marriage line is like a trigeminal peak, and there are many branches, which means that this person must be a greedy girl, afraid of incest, men killing their wives, women harming their husbands, etc.
  • The upward bending and branching of the marriage line indicates that the person is getting worse and worse after marriage, and his career tends to fail or go bankrupt.
  • Island patterns appear in the middle of the marriage line, which means that at this age of island patterns, the husband and wife must have differences. Too many island patterns are serious.
  • If the marriage line bends downward and there is a cross in the curved part, it means that his spouse will encounter disaster or sudden changes.