The blood type can analysis of your occupation


Blood type A

People with Blood type A are introverted, conservative, suspicious and anxious. They have rich emotions but lacking decisiveness. They are easy to be discouraged. They are careful and responsible for their work, they are practical but lack of patience, they like to talk reason but hate contradictory things, they like stability but hate sudden changes and system procedural confusion. They are tactless in dealing with affairs!

Suitable job types: writers, clerks, accountants, nurses, operator, translation, secretarial, technical staff, cashiers, civil servants, designers, hairdressers, makeup artists, pharmacists and so on.

Blood type B

People with Blood type B are positive, outgoing, sociable and sensitive. They don't care about promise very much. They are nosy and careless with more ideas and strong determine ability. They have wide range of hobbies, but rather lazy. They are raunchy slovenly and wag their tongue too freely. They have poor memory and esay to be impulsive.They hate boredom and static work, and occasionally acts will appear bold.

Suitable job types:  guides, diplomats, business people in various industries, salesperson, receptionist, company or government spokesman, flight attendants, waiters, Home Builders, real estate or land brokers!

Blood type O

People with Blood type O are bold, aggressive, flexible with many ideas. They like to direct others. They are confident, strong-willed, aggressive with more intense desire to succeed. They are very enthusiastic for what they prefer. They have straightforward idea. They do not like and not good at dealing with complex interpersonal relationships. They will abandon themselves to despair when meeting pressure.

Suitable job types:  public relations, sales manager, assistant, some executives, company managers, senior secretary, politicians, directors, singers, actors, drivers and so on.

Blood type AB

People with Blood type AB are moody with high working efficiency and fast understanding. They are cool-headed with statistical ability. They also have strong aesthetic and creativity. This kind of people tend to create a genius, they like a challenge but lack of patience. The mood is variable and the heart is more vulnerable. They often sink into the contradictory state.

Suitable job types: businessman, scientists, doctors, academics, IT industry and technical personnel, psychologists, judges, prosecutors, police, industry surveillance personnel, lawyers, engineers, inventors, prosecutors, reconnaissance, editing and so on.