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Lucky palmistry star on palm

From the perspective of palmistry, in all the palm prints and marks representing success, star pattern is the most important characteristic of good luck. But more importantly, only the star pattern falling on anywhere of Jupiter mound, Sun mound, Mercury mound, the top of life line, or the sun line can represent the good luck.

First,  star pattern on Jupiter mound

The best location of star pattern is on Jupiter mound, because here represents that success and money will come together, so you will enjoy good luck. Marriage would be very well, but also you can get a high reputation.

Second, star pattern on Sun mound

The star pattern on Sun mound shows that you have a particular talent, and you are likely to have fame and fortune. Star pattern on Sun mound is the mark of excellence in the creative talent.

Third, star pattern on sun line

Star pattern on behalf of individual talent, and this talent can bring success, but star pattern on the sun line means that you will have special good luck, star pattern indicates that there may be a windfall, and the windfall can bring you happiness.

Explanation of nouns

  1. Star pattern: three or more "short lines" are crossed into star pattern in the palm, the good and bad sense is based the different part of the palm.
  2. Jupiter mound: it refers to the raised area of "finger root", it represents the degree of aggressiveness, self-confidence and so on.
  3. Sun mound: it refers to the raised area of 'finger root", it represents wealth, talent and fame.
  4. Sun Line: It may start from a different location of the palm, but the end will be in the sun mound, not everyone has this line, it represents the creativity, success and strong motivation.