Lucky palmistry star on palm


From the perspective of palmistry, star print is the most important good luck feature among all palm prints and marks representing success. But more importantly, it means good luck only when it falls on the top of Jupiter, the sun, mercury, the destiny line or anywhere on the sun line.

Star lines on Jupiter's mound

One of the best positions of the stria may be Jupiter's mound. Because it represents that success will come with money, you will enjoy good luck. Marriage will be successful and will gain high reputation.

Star pattern on the sun Hill

A single star pattern on the sun Hill shows special talent and is likely to bring fame and wealth. The star pattern in this position is a sign of outstanding creative talent.

Star pattern on the sun line

A single star pattern represents talent, and this talent will bring success, but if it appears on the sun line, it means special good luck. The star pattern indicates that there may be unexpected wealth, and this unexpected wealth can bring happiness.

Noun interpretation

  • Star pattern: three or more & ldquo; Short lines & rdquo; The meaning of good or bad luck is also different according to the position on the palm.
  • Jupiter mound: refers to & ldquo; Root of index finger & rdquo; The bulge represents enthusiasm, self-confidence, etc.
  • Solar Dome: refers to & ldquo; Root of ring finger & rdquo; The bulge represents wealth, talent and reputation.
  • Sun line: it may start from different positions in the palm of the hand, but the end will be on the sun hill. This line is not for everyone, representing creativity, success and strong motivation.