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The Lucky Moles on Women's Body

We all have many different moles on our body, and the locations of these moles are related to the person's life in the fortune. Some girls cleared up some moles in order to be more beautiful. But it is possible to become poor from rich due to get rid of good luck. Then before getting rid of body moles, you'd better take a look at what these moles represent for. So you could stay out of trouble and live a comfortable life with good horoscope.

You'd better firstly determine if it is a mole. The mole is darker than skin color, including deep black, light black, gray, brown, red and other colors. Some moles are slightly protruding, some are flat. if it is flesh-colored and protruding, then it would be more largely the wart instead mole. In physiognomy, mole has many attentions, in addition to the parts, there are degree of hidden condensation, glory, size, and convexity.

  • Good mole - convex, bright, black, proper, haired, good luster.
  • Bad mole - dark color (such as deep black, dark brown), solid color without light.

Here are some of the lucky moles on women for your reference.

  • Mole is on the middle of the head.
  • Mole is hidden among the eyebrows.
  • Mole is on the center of the forehead. 
  • Mole is on the temple.
  • Mole is on the earlobe.
  • Mole is on the cheekbone.
  • Mole is on the upper lip.
  • Mole is below the lower lip.
  • Moles are around the chin. 
  • Mole ia behind the neck or on the right of the neck. 
  • Mole is behind the shoulder.
  • Mole is behind the shoulder.
  • Mole is on the breast.
  • Mole is under the breast.
  • Mole is on the arm.
  • Mole is on the palm.
  • Mole is on the axillary.
  • Mole is on the middle of the navel. 
  • Mole is on the butt. 
  • Mole is on the bottom of the feet.
  • Mole is on the private part.