Rich and Honorable Palmistry


1, good luck type

From the perspective of palmistry, there are gaps between the index and middle fingers of people, although they do not like to be tied by others, but since they think subtly, carefully, work diligently and hard, so they might not be able to come out ahead in the future. As they can be successful, of course they will naturally have good wealth.

2, thrifty type

Whether at the second joint of the thumb are horizontal or straight lines, more lines mean more accumulated wealth. People with such palms get wealth come from thrift.

3, good love luck type

The transverse striation In the second joint of the thumb is called phalangeal configuration, if there are three phalangeal configurations, they are called Three

4, financing type

There is a parallel line on the heart-line, which is called financial pattern, people with this palm pattern are financing usually for the boss, they are engaged in account or cashier inside the company, they usually help people to finance, of course they themselves would invest money, so they would not be short of money.

5, trade type

If the Jupiter mound of the index finger is developed, complexion and sanguinity are very good, then its people will have good wealth. From the perspective of palmistry, people with full Jupiter mound would have prosperous wealth inevitably, these people mostly get rich on trade.

6, bounder type

If the starting points of lifeline and wisdom line are rising, then the people will make a fortune. Or the branch lines appear on the business line and run out into the Mercury mound, then its people would get rich. People with such palmistry would get rich mostly because of the emergence of opportunities.

7, partial financial type

If the cross patterns appear between the Mercury mound of the little finger root and the Sun mound of the ring finger, which means that its people are easy to have unexpected money. People with such palmistry will have unexpected opportunity to make a fortune, such as winning the lottery and so on.