Perfect love of Palmistry

Indicating happy love palmistry

1, the lifeline is deep and Venus mound is well-developed 

Profound lifeline represents good health, and have a strong physical fitness, very positive towards life, and full of confidence on their own. If the Venus mound is developed, then it indicates the people can go forward on the feelings road, not afraid of difficulties and obstacles, have the courage to break all kinds of difficulties, so finally can really get the other's real heart.

2, finger's stretching amplitude is large

Fingers spread out smoothly, and the extent is larger and larger, which means that the people are generous with enthusiasm and vigor, they can take the initiative to talk with the opposite sex, thus increasing each other's goodwill. When the time is ripe, they will launch a fierce pursuit, letting the other party can not refuse.

3, little finger is very pretty

Pretty beautiful little finger refers to the long and straight little finger, which means that people have a certain eloquence, have a ready tongue, good at using various means to make the other leave good impression, and then can be very satisfied or pleased with each other in love. Moreover, these people love life colorful life and full of fun.

4, branch line of the heart-line is upward 

If the branch line of the heart-line is upward, which means that the people concern about feelings very much, will be actively looking for partners. They will stick the opposite sex they love until the other promised to contact. Although the process is somewhat brutal, but the result will be very delightful.

5,  branch line of the life-line is upward 

If the branch line of the life-line is upward, referring to many branch lines in the lifeline, the directions are all upward, which means that although people will frequently meet setbacks, but the willpower is very strong, they will not be easily discouraged. In emotional terms, they have the courage to face adversity and strive for the other half's identity, so the love life is usually very beautiful.

Predicting the result of love palmistry

From the trend of the heart-line end we can find the result of love, three kind of cord designs come from one place, that is the heart-line is drooping, and connect with wisdom line and lifeline, such palmistry sometimes indicates that the people sometimes are emotional, sometimes irrational, and thus will make Many illogical stupid, thus producing much trouble between men and women, and may regret afterwards. People with this palmistry are called "feelings confused type", since the heart-line presses the wisdom line, all these will lead its people too emotional, will not think of things rationally. Irrational marriage of course is rough-and-tumble.

If the three lines have the same resource, a branch line of the heart-line end is sagging, stretching into the wisdom line, whch indicates that people have a certain spirit of self-sacrifice, humility to understand each other, to be known as the "sacrificial feelings" palmistry . If such kind of people are disappointed in love before marriage, they will be more stable after marriage and will cherish the love object.

It is better not to have sagging or drooping branch lines in the heart-line end, because this usually implies that there will be many emotional setbacks. If the heart-line end is upward, which means the people can have smooth emotional development, can have love, and ultimately enjoy love.