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Leo character analysis and matching

Character Analysis

Leo Keywords 'I will'

Leo the ecliptic 12 palace Ranking old 5, ruled by the sun. Is a fire like Constellation , fixed Palace, 'Lion' is the astrological symbol. Leonin confident, loyal, generous, and very dramatic, this innate dramatic color as though they were born actors, creative talent and charm to attract people, and they really enjoy in any case become the focus. They love self absorbed, can not tolerate criticism, even a considerable part of whom also had a little narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

The Leonin very like to accept the admiration of the audience will be able to emit their own unique grace, when being in the face of a big fan of the 'stage', (one can not help think of Madonna, Bill Clinton, Mick A Siegel Martha Stewart). Arrogance, vanity and super self-centered character, tend to make their desire for love and power and identity become too overbearing. Even sometimes Leonin looks very arrogant, but their love of life is so contagious, people really hate it. Their shortcomings are easily overlooked, is also very easy to become the leader of the people love - such as U.S. President Barack Obama.

The Leonin very materialism, its extent and comparable Taurus, they all want to pick a good make, 5-star travel and expensive clothing. They like the life is very stylish, but found that if there is no great achievement to decorate is impossible. Image equally important to them can be regarded as a manifestation of self-centered, the Leonin love stimulate and like to act in a very exaggerated way, which leads to the daily life they hate mediocrity.

Lion male lion and female usually has a vice skin deep, character, friendly, personable. The lion male almost laud like self-confidence for women, very rich appeal, although they also have irritability tendency.

Leonin is the king of the jungle, they want to stand in the center of the stage, the upper hand in any relationship wants to be collaborators. Thus, if we want to maintain the relationship, they do a good job in the preparation of the slave position, otherwise it will break out the dispute, then even a power struggle. The other hand, Leonin also like to be admired (as well as being bathed in love), so if you can meet their self-esteem and appreciation was palpable, then return, they also make you feel extra special. They are warm and soul to deep, even when trapped for love, far too generous.

The reason Leonin Rexinchang result is the lack of cunning and almost childlike innocence. Love, they will trust each other and generosity too, that they can not judge each other's quality, and when the true colors of a loved one or friend will be deeply disappointed. The Leonin have on the intimacy of the relationship with their God the stage for the tendency to think that if the other party is absolutely impossible to go wrong generally, but when they find each other is not perfect, they began to reject and continue to find the perfect of the people. Leonin partner is always like a revolving door. Change from one to another, leading into a multi-segment romance.

Leonin worst side can be domineering, selfish, even when their pride and control over the harm or threat was very oppressive. Angry look quite spectacular, as the roar of the lion. They most hate despicable violations, hatred, personal attacks, be rude to treat evil will phase reveals outspoken. As their constellation symbols, the lion is the king of the jungle, powerful and ferocious, cruel and personal injury behavior tendency.

The Leonin towards money is also very bad, simply spending money like water (no matter who it was money), and will try to borrow more money, but never consider how to repay. For this reason they are so arrogant, so if they fail in anything, there will be a tendency to blame others or to shirk its responsibility. This arrogance is so disgusting, vanity also makes unbearable. Although they thought 'I is right', sadly, is surrounded by the vast majority of my colleagues (most of whom were victims of bullying suffer Leonin) thought they were just a laughing stock.

The Leonin day mating 100, and thus their sensual to incredible proportions, fortunately match physiological quality and good endurance. Leonin high energy requires a lot of vent channels have to plunge into a positive movement, challenging career, busy social activities in order to feel good. Friends, they are the people that make the party lively, outgoing personality and strive to become the focus of public attention mentality making it a successful host. Charm and gentle attitude the Leonin that endless, well loved by friends.

Leonin honest and trustworthy, courageous, and if you can follow their superior position, then they will report to you the loyalty, friendship and warmth. They are full of charm and attractive leaders, capable of inciting and encouraging, by virtue of the unconquerable will and stamina, will finally be able to successfully climb the pinnacle of the career. Leo boss will have to be owned by a subsidiary of achievement to his head, or simply exaggerate their tendency!

The Leonin pride so that they're looking to make themselves up the center of the stage will bring honor, but for the same reason, when their efforts to get the necessary recognition will become a year-round due diligence loyal employees.

Many Leonin their own businesses, they were born ambitious and likes to take control and to appoint another person. The Leonin have strong creative and dramatic talent, can find a lot of Leonin in the theater and film industries. They will be on the stage or screen star, talented musician or painter. Regardless of which industry they will steal the show, or so to speak, they are bent so that their actions have an effect on this point, usually a winner. Their desire for power, therefore, often those dignitaries, or provide them with helping the people to maintain contacts, then they'd often patience under his strong personality.

Constellation matching

The best fit of the lion Aries, shooter, Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius, the lion, and Libra is also good, the worst combination is Capricorn, Virgo and Cancer.


Lion and Aries is the best combination, the two sides there are too many similarities - an independent, active and stubborn. This is the kind of passion burning relationship, but if there is a problem, it may be too horrible!


Belong to the shooter fire sign, is the best partner of the Leo physically and psychologically. Their relationship full of fun and excitement, one can indulge in into unprofitability, travel and adventure, exciting combination.


This vibrant pairing as the home laboratory, but the good momentum of development, will be too good to be incredible. They often large animal launched manually feet, and afterwards even need a Band-Aid. They will be jointly have fun in luxury hotels around the world. However, if the situation is not good, it is terrible. Lions always want to control, but cattle do not want to ride on their heads together staged a dramatic scene. One day become significant, it is simply Shura field,'ve got to take safety measures!


Aquarius is the opposite palace of Leo, this usually means that the two sides will have a strong attraction, water bottles, however, make the lion feel a bit neglected and insignificant. This can cause some unexpected conflict, but the bottle can be the lion most trusted partner.


At least the lion and Gemini can become very good friends. They both like to party and glamorous life, which can easily hit it off, coexistence will have many happy hour. As far as love is concerned, this relationship seems slightly not warm fire.


The conbination of two lions with either each other in passion burn each other to gain eternal life, or lose-lose (think Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky). This is a dramatic combination, the two sides indulge in lust, which also can enhance each other's feelings, unless the two got into a fight, in order to compete for the lead position.


The two lifestyle is very similar to the bed is also quite addictive, and is the most romantic constellations of the ecliptic 12 palace. The trouble is that when the return to reality, Libra happy to continue to make, to escape the thorny issue. If you can not overcome this window-dressing problems, it is still better friends.