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Who would get rich quickly by Physiognomy

1. phoenix eye and phoenix eyes

The characteristics of such eyes are: long eyes, corners of eyes extend to the temple, single-edge eyelid single or double eyelids, bright-eyed, hide one's light under a bushel. People have these characteristics are introverted and wise, strong ability to respond, dedicate to work. If they do business, they would have the potential to get rich quickly.

2. wide forehead and full chin

From the physiognomy, people with wide forehead are smart and aggressive, can become enterprisers, and are easy to get the legacy of their elders. The chin is representative of the treasury, which is the place to build wealth, full chin means that you can have house and money. People with wide forehead and full chin are good at making money and saving money, of course, they are very easy to become rich quickly.

3. heavy eyebrows

People with scattered eyebrows can not keep the money, spend money recklessly. While people with heavy eyebrows can get much wealth, they are easy to become rich quickly.

4. big mouth and upward corners of mouth

People with big mouth are persuasive and ambitious, they have very good fate and stable wealth fortune. If the corners of mouth are upward, its people would have good karma will be respected by others, they would therefore do better in career and wealth, they have potential to become rich quickly.

5. thick earlobe and square face

People with square face are overwhelming, they have the potential to do great things, if coupled with the thick and big earlobes, they would have good wealth fortune,  they have potential to become rich quickly.

6. plump nose

In the physiognomy, the nose is Wealth Palace, which is in charge of human wealth. If you have plump nose with flesh and your nosewing is open, nostrils are not exposed, you must have good wealth fortune and easy to make money and save money. You are easy to beome rich quickly.