Scepter queen

Scepter queen

Deck interpretation

The queen of the scepter is a queen immersed in the element of fire, and fire represents passion. Therefore, the queen of the scepter makes people feel full of enthusiasm, active and positive, and sometimes has a fiery temperament. The sunflower in hand also represents sunshine, a kind of cheerful; The black cat is a symbol of sexiness. It goes on in an intuitive, optimistic and frank way to show the heat of life. Have a high sense of self-worth, believe in yourself, never worry about failure, have a high degree of confidence in yourself, and act quickly and flexibly. However, this kind of style is a little too big, and you may be impatient with careful things. Common examples are strong women in the workplace, who are quite active in doing things and have their own ideas and personal styles.

Interpretation of brand meaning

The queen of the scepter mostly represents a positive, strong and ambitious woman. In general, this card is more inclined to the internal meaning of emotion, sensibility, emotion and intuition in the group of cards. It also uses these internal forces to increase the external action force. To put it bluntly, it is a very inertial action to have a hope first, then start to have an entity plan, and then start to take action when you have a plan. So this card can also be said to be a preparation for success. The appearance of this card also mostly represents the positive thinking and thinking mode of vitality, and the driving force can be easily pulled out at any time. To paraphrase an advertisement, it means that people are great because they have dreams. So the appearance of this card means that the distance between success and oneself is very close.

Positive meaning

  • A trustworthy woman or female worker.
  • Energetic, warm and gentle.
  • Independent in heart or position.
  • Have determination and ability.
  • Treason, such as working for change, revolutionaries, etc.
  • People with rich spiritual world sometimes have sensibility stronger than rationality.

The queen of wands are attractive, sincere, wholehearted, energetic, cheerful, emotional, and self assured. These are also the characteristics of the scepter. The sceptre queen is optimistic, cheerful, energetic and shows a lively and lighthearted character, but she will not regard her personality as a force to invade the outside world. Queens express the characteristics of their card group from the inside, do not use it blatantly, but are in the atmosphere of Scepter characteristics.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: in the relationship between the two sexes, you are an honest, enthusiastic person who likes to pursue a partner. In love, you will get more strength to help you succeed in other aspects. It can be said to be a high-quality love!
  • Wealth: it is not difficult for you to accumulate wealth because of your strong action. Real estate, stocks and bonds are good investments. In the long run, there will be considerable wealth!
  • Career: full of energy and positive attitude, you are very suitable to be a salesman, public relations personnel and sales personnel. You have a keen intuition and aesthetic outlook. You can also develop in the design industry!
  • Health: your unique intuition can help you maintain your health. You always know when to rest and what to do. Your inner vitality is also one of the sources of your health!

Inverse meaning

  • Emotional and unstable.
  • arrogant.
  • There are obstacles to development.

The reversed Scepter queen represents the excessive overflow or deficiency of elements, which is shown through the way of characters. If it is excessive, it is too hot to burn, which may lead to a hot temper, a fierce personality and an unforgiving attitude. On the other hand, if the role of elements disappears or is insufficient, it means that the heat is lost. It may be that the self has been burned too much before, but it has been tired and has no energy, and the enthusiasm disappears.

From the perspective of the scepter queen in the reverse position, there are also uncertainties about their own abilities and insufficient self-confidence, resulting in a long way to success. On the other hand, the reversed Scepter queen represents out of control. The out of control of self ability and the excessive expansion of confidence have caused him to do something beyond his ability. However, from an objective point of view, this means that it is not a short period of transformation and growth, and the false self-confidence in the heart is slowly displayed, so that they can face it up and slowly correct it into the correct true self-confidence.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: between you, you may not see your own strength, lose confidence in yourself, and easily get lost in the vortex of fear and emotion. You might as well affirm yourself more!
  • Wealth: the current economic capacity is at a fair stage. You know in your heart that you must find your internal strength and hope for the future before wealth can roll in!
  • Career: you like a simple and stable working environment. Civil servants, teachers and other jobs can bring you a sense of security and life accomplishment. In your current situation, it is not recommended to engage in too challenging work!
  • Health: it may be that the heart represses some things, which affects the body, making it easy to get tired and reduce resistance. To avoid colds and other complications, you can always keep your health!