Scepter nine

Scepter nine

Deck interpretation

The characters in Scepter 9 obviously experienced a hard time: they were wrapped in bandages and supported by a scepter. The soldier has been baptized by many wars. The pattern tells us that when we go through a difficult journey, we feel tired and hurt, or even if we don't have physical scars, our souls have been tortured. Our original innocence, broad mindedness and trust in people are gone forever. Instead, it is just a kind of self-defense. It reminds us to handle affairs more carefully and keep alert, because injuries may occur at any time. Although the soldier in the picture has been scarred, he still hasn't fallen down. He stands tenaciously and never gives up. This is the connotation of Scepter nine. This card tells us that no matter what we face, we will never give up! Even if all people and things seem to oppose us, don't give in. We should firmly believe that there is an energy in our body that can make us win.

Interpretation of brand meaning

Scepter nine is a relatively static force, a hidden competition or confrontation. And the posture of the protagonist guarding his position is to defend his rights and is also a kind of self-defense. The protagonist clings to the scepter, which is equivalent to holding on to his own power and responsibility, while other scepters represent the opposite party. He must use the scepter in his hand to integrate other scepters, or suppress other opposition voices.

This card is related to career and job promotion, which means that the career has reached its peak and reached a certain level. The current position of the party concerned is a relatively high-level position, but he has encountered difficulties or changes. He must try his best to keep his existing position, or he will be beaten down immediately. It can also mean that you have been sitting in a high position for too long. Although it is the time of rotation, you still continue to cling to the stack. The nine right positions of the scepter are a force that can be held. They can hold important positions steadily. Although they may not be promoted, they should be able to retain their original positions. In the mentality, it shows that the parties cherish everything they have, and cherish what is only or what is left.

This card represents the opposition of forces, and the parties and the surrounding environment are hostile to each other. There may be hidden enemies or competitors, but they have not yet appeared or worked. However, once there is a positive conflict, it will be a great impact. At present, it is in a tight state of hiding, restraining and repressing. However, the fence of the eight scepters forms a barrier, which can also represent the meaning of protection, or the state of isolation or isolation.

This barrier also represents a kind of boundary, as well as various fence divisions. The arrangement of the eight scepters can also symbolize the following order, discipline and norms. This card, like the eyes of the protagonist, is a kind of expectation and care. Of course, it is also the cheating of one party and the non fulfillment of promises. And this stance of standing still is also a kind of pause, indicating that there is no need to struggle and resist.

Positive meaning

  • Be prepared for difficulties.
  • Defeat the enemy in momentum and win victory.
  • Hide your strength and be ready to go.
  • An invisible enemy.

The scepter that soars in the sky in Scepter 8, and stands on the ground in Scepter 9. A man holding another Scepter seems to be commanding and managing the eight scepters. Scepter nine represents that a series of external changes have gradually calmed down. However, in order to maintain the feeling of change, I hold another Scepter in my hand to feel the vitality and enthusiasm of the scepter. Because I have been used to the strong external change feeling before, and feel that that is life, so in the current comfortable environment, I have a situation that is difficult to adapt to. It's just a transitional period, but I still have to work hard to get used to the current situation. Scepter 9 also means that although I am slowly about to solve the problem and find a way to success, I think things are too smooth, and I have temporarily stopped, or I want to find a more challenging way to go. To some extent, it is a little unwilling to be lonely and afraid of losing their ambition.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when this upright Scepter nine card appears, in the expression of love, it means that you may not be able to make a sincere commitment to your current partner because you have been hurt and can not adjust your mood.
  • Wealth: when this upright Scepter nine card appears, it means that you will look back on the past and decide how to create your wealth in the next step.
  • Career: upright Scepter 9 means that you will measure your past failures or successes and decide what to do in the future. It is not that you will succeed in what you do now, but that now is an opportunity.
  • Appearance: your appearance will give people a sense of maturity and steadiness. Everyone will depend on you!
  • Health: when this upright Scepter nine card appears, it means that your old illness has not been completely cured, resulting in psychological stress, which makes your body size and pain constantly.

Inverse meaning

  • Encounter adversity.
  • The momentum is low and the fighting spirit is weak.
  • Ill health.
  • Bad luck.

The reverse Scepter nine, the last line of defense abandoned and fled. The reason may be that they can't wait for help, are too tired, and are too hurt to continue. The most worried and fearful situation has emerged, or there is no hope, the fighting spirit for survival has been lost, and it is meaningless to continue. Compared with Scepter seven, it seems that both of them are facing challenges, and for both of them, the reverse position also has the meaning of rout and escape. However, the difference is that Scepter 9 is a siege, which tests endurance and fatigue. Scepter 7 is a close combat, which tests personal ability and response sensitivity. Although both have many and miscellaneous concepts, the duration, timing and corresponding methods are different.

In the nine li of the reversed scepter, it represents that I am currently uncoordinated, leading to the emergence of self conflict. Although such conflict will not have a great impact on the current situation, it is enough to allow me to have a sense of uncertainty and a loss of self-confidence, and gradually begin to lose control of the current situation. The reverse Scepter nine also represents that he is currently troubled by some fear and doubt.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when the scepter nine is reversed, you are always afraid of the performance of love. You seem to be afraid of something, but you don't know how to solve the causes of your fear, which makes you confused.
  • Wealth: when Scepter 9 is reversed, it means that you have some problems in dealing with wealth. Your attitude strongly affects the solution of these money problems, so be careful!
  • Career: when Scepter 9 is reversed, it means that you have a problem in your work. The problem is too big for you. I suggest you find some elders to work together for you!
  • Appearance: your appearance gives people a feeling that you are always melancholy and frown is always deep.
  • Health: when this Scepter nine is in reverse position, you are likely to suffer from physical discomfort due to psychological pressure. You should learn to contact more people and things that can relax you!