Scepter six

Scepter six

Deck interpretation

Scepter 6 is the scene of victory. The glorious March and the return of victory bring good news. There is a horseman with a scepter hung with a crown of glory in front, and the five scepters in the rear represent the five people in front of the scepter. The knight in front must be a capable person, who can deal with the original chaotic scene, subdue the people, re lead them, and move towards the common goal. Everyone agrees with and supports the knight, and has been praised and highly praised by the public. The knight's scepter is higher than others, which represents promotion. Everyone is celebrating the promotion. In addition, Scepter 6 is also related to the trip. It may also be the return with harvest and return home in gold.

Interpretation of brand meaning

The element of fire shows success in Scepter 6. The element of fire is an element that does things today. Therefore, the disputes that arise in Scepter 5 are immediately resolved in Scepter 6. Therefore, it can also represent that Scepter 6 is a glorious scene after the war.

The scepter series has gone from the passion for the creativity of the scepter ace to the competition and dispute of Scepter five to the victory of Scepter six. On the pattern, you can see the glorious triumphal return of the knight, and the five soldiers holding the scepter nearby are lining up to meet. This is the first card with class flavor among the scepters. There are the main victory knight and the object welcome soldier. The knight represents glory and the soldier represents the applause. Although this is a victory occasion, we should also pay attention not to let the victory get dizzy and produce pride.

The scepter six can also represent the appearance of good news. The knight also represents the messenger. He brings good news and makes people welcome him with joy. If we are preparing to perform a thing and draw Scepter 6, it means that people around us are optimistic and support, then we should learn from the knight's self-confidence and ride bravely to the road of success. Generally speaking, the sixth scepter is a symbol of success and glory. When you draw this card, you should remember your original efforts and hard work, be compassionate and grateful to the people around you, so that this success can continue.

Positive meaning

  • Win victory, return home in triumph, win the title, return home in prosperity, etc.
  • Efforts have yielded results and have been rewarded.
  • Good news came.
  • Progress has been smooth and results have been achieved.
  • Feelings are expected to come naturally.
  • Excellent ability and confidence.

The card of staff six represents that you have succeeded because of self-confidence and considerable efforts. This card also represents that the goal has been established, the plan is in progress, strong self-confidence and strong desire to succeed. It is a card with strong present progressive implication. However, in most explanations, the scepter six represents that one has succeeded, is enjoying the joy of success, or has begun to have some followers because of success. Especially when this card appears in the future position, it is the decisive factor to determine the success of what you are currently doing. Of course, such success is not accidental or lucky, but built by your own efforts and strong desire to succeed.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when this upright Scepter six card appears, it is a confirmation that you two have similar goals, and you may achieve these goals together. Congratulations!
  • Wealth: if you ask me if I will create wealth by doing this, I can tell you “ Yes;, Success will be yours.
  • Career: when this upright Scepter six card appears, it means that you will be promoted or prove to achieve your desired goals in the interpretation of work. These are the results of your previous efforts!
  • Appearance: your appearance gives people a feeling of confidence, but it is also quite trustworthy.
  • Health: when this upright Scepter six card appears, it means that your body has entered the best state so that you can complete your work or academic goals.

Inverse meaning

  • Failed.
  • A dishonest transaction,
  • There are enemies inside.
  • Conceit and complacency lead to evil consequences.
  • Bad news came.
  • A belated success.

The reverse Scepter 6 may have fallen from the horse, no longer won the affirmation of others, no longer honored, and with disappointment. He returned from failure and brought back bad news of failure. He also lost his self-confidence. Others no longer value his ability and his skills are inferior to those of others. The word "go" also means that some news may arrive late or the trip may be delayed.

On the reverse Scepter 6, it is because of lack of self-confidence, or lack of firm belief, or lack of thorough planning, resulting in failure or short-term success. It can also be because of their lack of self-determination and self-confidence, which makes them uncertain about success. This card also means giving up too quickly and not insisting enough.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when this reverse Scepter six card appears, it means that you are afraid of the loss of love, resulting in a false sweet affair. As a result, the distance between you is getting farther and farther.
  • Wealth: when this reverse Scepter six card appears, in the creation of wealth, your negative thoughts also affect your earning of money, so your money luck is not very good!
  • Career: when this reverse card of Scepter 6 appears, you are easy to give up too soon in work. As long as you feel pressure or too heavy a burden, you will lose your enthusiasm in work and lead to failure.
  • Appearance: your appearance makes people feel depressed, as if you don't want to contact people.
  • Health: when this reverse Scepter six card appears, in the interpretation of health, it means that you keep getting sick and suffering because you think your health is bad, and you don't see a doctor.