Scepter seven

Scepter seven

Deck interpretation

The picture of Scepter seven appears in the battle. A man in green clothes should attack himself with his Scepter in front of his eyes. He is both offensive and defensive, maybe both. Scepter seven represents attack or defense. It is like two sides of a coin. When you attack, your opponent defense. When he counterattacks, you need defense. The green of clothes symbolizes power; The warrior in the battle has a firm face, which symbolizes a firm attitude. It is like an offensive and defensive posture, representing the inner balance and decision. Therefore, Scepter seven also represents a kind of faith. We should believe in our own views and abilities, and have the insight of justice identification.

Interpretation of brand meaning

The display of fire element in Scepter seven is to adhere to the belief of self realization. The number seven symbolizes the seventh house in astrology, and is the opposite house of the first house of the Lord. It can make the fire element resist the fierce opposition resistance, and it must adhere to the position to defend to the end. In particular, the lucky number of seven can continue the success of six. As long as it continues, it can continue the fire power.

The design of Scepter seven is that a man standing on a hill is holding a scepter against the six scepters under the hill, so the characters in the design are either attacking or defending. However, if he chose to surrender, he might not have such a scene. Therefore, it can be said that what this picture wants to tell us is to adhere to faith.

The six scepters represent a group of people with the same position, and only the people on the hill are opposed to each other for resistance, which can represent that most of the people around you are against or do not support it. Therefore, Scepter 7 also means that if you choose to follow the opinions of the people around you, you may feel that you and everyone have the same position. People have the habit of forming a party in groups, and can be as reluctant to join more than their own opposition forces as Scepter 7, It is not easy.

The figure of Scepter 7 stands higher than the six scepters, which can also indicate that he is avantgarde, or his vision is broader than that of ordinary people. Or maybe he is a superior, but obviously he is not the one who wins the hearts of the people. If you want to play the role of Scepter 7, you should be strong enough in persistence and position, otherwise the advantage of high position will not last.

Positive meaning

  • Defeat your opponent and succeed
  • A favorable attitude, a just attitude.
  • Full of fighting spirit

The man held a scepter to defend on the hillside. The six scepters floating in front of him met him. They must be in the hands of the enemy! Even though he was outnumbered, he was still in a dominant position and did not seem too worried. Face adversity with courage, stand firm and overcome difficulties. Problems will be solved and obstacles can be overcome. Courage will be rewarded.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: it means that there will be greater challenges in your relationship, such as having a deeper commitment to each other or having a child, which will challenge your relationship.
  • Wealth: when the seven cards of the power staff are upright, it means that you will face big and small challenges in your pursuit of money, but you will always get a lot of money rewards instead of you.
  • Career: when the card of Scepter seven is upright, you will always face big and small challenges in your work, but you always love such challenges, because you will not bow to difficulties. Don't give up is your motto.
  • Appearance: you have a face " I will never give up " Your face, all the expression of perseverance can be found on your face.
  • Health: when the card of Scepter seven is upright, you will feel some discomfort because of greater challenges in life and physical problems, but you will choose to ignore it. Pay attention!

Inverse meaning

  • Doubt your ability.
  • Defeated.
  • Feel troubled and have no way to make decisions about things.

The reverse Scepter seven may fall from the high ground, lose advantages and opportunities, be unable to support various challenging tasks, be incompetent, lose confidence, run away after defeat, be overwhelmed by the current event, or the positive time is too long, the challenge is too big, and there is no rest. Finally, he is tired and gives up because he is too tired. However, in the reversed Scepter 7, it means that you are unable to face the challenges and obstacles you are facing because you do not have enough self-confidence and continuous motivation, and you are indecisive because you do not have strong willpower. However, the reverse Scepter 7 also means not to stick to it. It means that the current situation can no longer be carried out. It is no longer necessary to stick to it. It also implies that it is time to switch to another plan.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when the reverse Scepter seven appears, you fall into a cold war because you can't deal with the problems between you, but you choose to ignore it. This is what you should pay attention to!
  • Wealth: when this reverse Scepter seven appears, your wealth shows a dilemma. You should make a decision different from the past and be determined to do it. Then the God of wealth will wave to you!
  • Cause: when this reverse Scepter 7 appears, the case is that you should not persist in your work. This is the time to change the runway, because your persistence will only make your situation worse.
  • Appearance: your appearance is a pair of ” Don't try to convince me, I won't listen to you ” The feeling of.
  • Health: when the reverse Scepter 7 appears, it means that you should not persist in the current treatment of diseases. Try other ways, and you will have unexpected results!