Scepter III

Scepter III

Deck interpretation

The man who stood on the top of the hill overlooking the sea looked like a successful businessman, standing on the rocks at the mouth of the sea, looking forward to the direction of commanding his merchant ship. He holds the scepter with his right hand, seeking its support. He is in the form of an expectant. If the scepter represents the will of the gods, then the unknowable future will depend on the will of heaven. The future needs to be explored. Sometimes there is no way to reach it. At the same time, the role of a businessman also represents a certain foundation. Trade is to expand this foundation, and the trade team also symbolizes the cooperation among peers, work together, have a common goal for the future, and move towards the goal. But the whole picture is hopeful. The golden background symbolizes brightness. The vast and calm sea is just a great opportunity to sail and indicates success. Standing on the top of the mountain in a commanding posture symbolizes leadership. Climbing high and looking far symbolizes farsightedness and long-term vision.

Interpretation of brand meaning

The fire element is represented by the number three as the scepter three. The number three can be associated with the third house in astrology, which was originally a house representing basic learning, information and short-distance travel. The fire element knows that it can't be too restless in the appearance of the scepter three, so it uses a calm attitude to let itself understand the overall situation at the highest point, which is a symbol of a leadership pattern.

At first glance, the pattern of Scepter 3 is somewhat similar to that of Scepter 2. The characters in the pattern are looking far away, but the location of the characters of Scepter 3 is at the edge of the mountain, which is different from the castle of Scepter 2. The prospect of the mountain is broader and infinite than that of the castle. It symbolizes the confidence and ambition of Scepter 3. There are three distinct images in the pattern, such as three scepters and three ships on the sea. Three is the first group number, which represents the symbol of trinity or the integration of body and mind in mystics. All the boats in the picture are moving in the same direction, indicating that the belief and purpose are the same. The achiever at the end of the mountain holds one of the three scepters in his right hand, which indicates that all these are under his control. Therefore, when divining, drawing three scepters can also represent that he is a leader in a group or work.

Looking at Scepter 3 from the figure, it can be explained that he sees the ups and downs of thousands of sails, understands that the current achievements are only temporary, and his mind and vision still need to maintain his ambition to swallow mountains and rivers in order to maintain at the peak. Therefore, if the partner is the scepter 3, he may not care about the position or the current remuneration for the long-term layout. As long as the development is within his operational planning, he believes that it is worthwhile to wait for a good harvest after planning.

Positive meaning

  • The business has been or will be successful.
  • Things related to trade.
  • Cooperation with each other and good coordination are conducive to the development of things.
  • Access to assistance.
  • Having or having a leading position.
  • Explore new directions, have new lovers or start a new trip, travel abroad, etc.
  • Successful long-distance relationships.

Scepter 3 represents continuing to do a high degree of self-growth in the development process of one thing, and carefully rethinking whether there is anything to be adjusted in the journey to success. Scepter 3 also represents the moment when you need to calm down and meditate on your achievements. This card is also the patience card in the scepter group. This card also represents some achievements made by implementing the decisions made in Scepter 2. It is because you have achieved the expected goals and have grown and thrived. As for the implication in daily life, Scepter 3 can indicate that a plan begins to be implemented, a trip begins to take action or set out, or an event is moving towards a higher level, or further development and realm, and in the emotional implication.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when this upright Scepter 3 appears, it means that your relationship will continue to grow in love, find many advantages of each other, and then learn from them.
  • Wealth: when this upright Scepter 3 appears, in the appearance of wealth, because you have the leading charm in doing things, your money also comes with you. Congratulations!
  • Cause: when this upright Scepter 3 appears, it means that you have always been the object of imitation in your work, because your attitude in dealing with things is very convincing, and you may become a leader!
  • Appearance: in appearance, you have the temperament of a leader. Others will listen to you!
  • Health: when this upright Scepter 3 appears, in terms of health, your body is very good, there is no pain, and your mind and body reach a balance.

Inverse meaning

  • Business development has fallen back and financial fortunes have declined.
  • The overall situation is not good, or things are terminated.
  • Poor cooperation is good.
  • Lack of foresight and poor planning.
  • Lack of leadership, or the party has just returned to their own use, excessive ambition.
  • Projects, trips, etc. are delayed.

The third thing to note about the reverse scepter is that the trade may not be as expected. The sea above represents greater fluctuations. There are risks that can not be predicted beforehand, which have an impact on the mobility. The journey may be delayed, delayed, hesitant, etc. The disappearance of leaders may be the core leaders who are not strong enough, or the upper levels make wrong decisions, make wrong decisions, fail to unite centripetal forces, resulting in the separation and division of interpersonal relationships. The cooperative part of the team is no longer able to produce comprehensive effects, and the final results and rewards can not be expected or reduced. The reverse scepter of three li implies that you need to spend more time meditating to study whether you are still following the previous plan in your current development. And this card also represents that they are facing some obstacles and delays, and they should also start to look for new methods, new directions and new ways out.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when the three cards of the scepter show handstand, in the performance of love, it means that you are very indecisive and reserve your feelings, so that the other party can't feel your sincerity!
  • Wealth: when the card of Scepter 3 is upside down, wealth will not stay with you for a long time because of annoyance and noise.
  • Cause: when the card of the three scepters is upside down, it means that your habit of procrastinating at work makes your work easy to encounter difficulties, so you should be more positive about your work!
  • Appearance: this reverse Scepter three indicates that your appearance gives people a feeling of laziness.
  • Health: when the card of Scepter 3 shows handstand, it means that if you feel unwell in health, you will delay and do not seek medical treatment, so your health has not been very good.