Scepter I

First token of Scepter

Deck interpretation

Mountains, grasslands, trees, running water and distant castles; Over the vast land, a powerful hand was stretched out from the clouds, holding a scepter symbolizing power. The scepter is very thick, with green leaves on it, flying in the air. The white light around the big hand symbolizes that the hand is supreme and conveys the will of God. The first card represents a new beginning, the scepter symbolizes energy, and the first card of the scepter represents infinite potential. Like sparks, it can be seen as a prairie fire.

The pattern of the first card of the scepter is obviously a wooden stick with a towering column, representing the original masculine creativity. The sprouting on the wooden stick shows the enthusiasm for creation. The Tongtian wooden stick shows up from the hands in the cloud. The cloud represents a new start from nothing. The hands in the cloud firmly grasp the wooden stick, which symbolizes that such opportunities need to be grasped with determination. The eight fallen leaves beside the stick burst like sparks, announcing that the power of the fire element of the first card of the scepter was displayed here. The branches and buds on the stick are the display of vitality. Holding the stick also means that you can sweep back with the swing of the stick in the face of any obstacles and face a new road.

Interpretation of brand meaning

The scepter represents the element of fire. The tarot card uses the scepter to represent fire. Wood is a combustible substance. Therefore, it symbolically wraps the fire of life in the scepter. When encountering the scepter card group, please imagine the burning of fire, a kind of blazing feeling, so the representative of this card is passion like fire, the burning of vitality, and the boiling of blood; And in the feelings of men and women, it represents active and lustful feelings. The scepter is also a plant, a manifestation of life, and a will to develop.

The castle in the card symbolizes success. When you are in the right position, move towards the fortress of success. And the scepter also represents the symbol of power. In a structured relationship, it is easy to see the emergence of various positions. For example, there are various positions in the modern administrative bureaucratic system. Its strength lies in its strong goal and guidance, while its weakness lies in the inequality of relations. In addition, power also represents the possibility of delivery, so the scepter represents a kind of inheritance of career power, which is a kind of baton. The transfer of power means the assumption of more responsibilities, which reminds that the scepter with power needs to have greater obligations to implement.

Positive meaning

  • Be creative.
  • The beginning of a major event.
  • New inventions were born.
  • Start an adventure.
  • New opportunities arise, a good time to realize your dreams.

The performance of the fire element in the first card of the scepter is a ready fire. As long as you seize the opportunity like fire, you can spread endlessly and achieve everything you want. In divination, the first card of the scepter represents that as long as they have their faith, heaven will give them the opportunity to promise. It may be an adventure to ignite the inner fire of creation and turn the inner impulse into action, but so what? It should be regarded as the only best time in this life.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when the first card of the upright Scepter appears, in the performance of love, it means that you will start a new stage, which implies that you will have a closer physical relationship.
  • Wealth: when the first card of the upright Scepter appears, you never worry about the lack of wealth because you have considerable energy.
  • Career: when the first card of the upright Scepter appears, because you are ambitious in work, you are always working hard and can be rewarded!
  • Appearance: when the first card of the scepter stands upright, it means that you will be charming in appearance and attract the opposite sex.
  • Health: when the first card of the upright Scepter appears, your health is no problem because of your strong action power, but it is also important to pay attention to proper rest.

Inverse meaning

  • New actions taken are more likely to fail.
  • The event started off badly.
  • Failed.
  • The future is uncertain.
  • Heartache for feelings.
  • Abortion or abortion.

The first card of the reversed scepter is the image of the fallen scepter, which represents the decline of life power and wastes a lot of power and strength. That is, the enthusiasm fades, the charm fades, and all kinds of decaying phenomena will occur. The reverse Scepter also represents the use of power in the wrong direction, resulting in wasted effort and energy loss.

The fall of the scepter also means withering. It represents the lack of vitality, resulting in weak willpower, weak self-awareness, denial of the sense of existence of life, and feeling empty days. At this time, it is easy to fall into distress, decadence, self abandonment and destruction. The business progress is not smooth, the work may encounter crises or threats, many things can not be carried out smoothly, the prospects are dim, and it is difficult to achieve the goals. These problems may be rooted in their own root causes. Otherwise, mistakes have been formed in the beginning! This is a bad start, and any plans that have not been implemented will be cancelled.

The picture of the first card of the reversed Scepter shows the thumb pointing down, which represents that it is not affirmed, and more seriously, it is criticized or slandered. As there are still castles on hills in the picture, you should pay attention to the collapse of houses, so you should be wary of safety problems. The serious consequences in this regard may reach the same level as “ Tower ” To the same degree as this card. As for the falling or breaking of trees on the ground, just like the falling of a scepter, it is also the loss and destruction of vitality. When the river is in the reverse position, it represents the confusion of emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when this negative Scepter trump card appears, in the performance of love, because both sides will feel that they have more than enough heart but less power, their feelings will be misunderstood.
  • Wealth: when this upside down Scepter trump card appears, it means that you have a lot of energy, but you have not taken action yet, so that your wealth can never be accumulated.
  • Cause: when this upside down Scepter trump card appeared, it was also the time to start a new plan at work. But before that, there would be some situations that must be solved first.
  • Appearance: when the scepter is the trump card, it means that you will give a cold feeling in appearance.
  • Health: when this negative trump card of the scepter appears, your body is uncomfortable because you have no way to vent your energy. Maybe it is psychology that affects your body!