Holy Grail queen

Holy Grail queen


A loyal and loving woman, gentle and generous, attracting people's love.

Deck interpretation

The queen sitting on the throne, immersed in emotion, looked gently at the cup on her hand, a passionate and single-minded look. This cup is the most gorgeous one among all the Holy Grail cards. It has a lid, which makes people imagine the objects in the cup. What the queen of the Holy Grail cares about is love, a kind of love for a specific object. The chair is gorgeous, and her feet step on the colored pebbles. She thinks of the emotional world as beautiful and creative. In addition, the queen also represents kindness, kindness and intuition. She is the kind of mature and charming woman that young men will fall in love with, not only because of her beauty, but also because of her compassion. This card often represents a need for emotion.

Interpretation of brand meaning

The queen of the Holy Grail is a card that completely represents the element of water in the Holy Grail card group. It is pure. To be clear, there is a lot of water. A whole card is water. This card implies that you can effectively master your spiritual level, and map the development of your spiritual level to the external material level. That is to say, your creativity, thinking ability and intuition can be amplified and used in practice. In another way, the dream in my heart is possible to be realized, and I have enough self-confidence to realize such a dream. At certain times, even the possibility of success is confirmed and can be achieved. The other meaning implies that he is using more emotional thinking or acting with emotion, which is not very rational, but with a romantic feeling, he has another new sense of difference.

Positive meaning

  • The sensibility is rich and delicate, but it is easy to be sentimental if you want to control your emotions.
  • There is an impulse to die for love and fall in love completely.
  • Is a kind and just person.
  • Success is just around the corner. Keep striving.
  • A happy life is at hand.

The queen of the Holy Grail is a minor version of the female Pope. She is imaginative, intuitive and romantic. When you want to count tarot cards, or want emotional comfort, you will find the Holy Grail queen. She is the kind of mature woman that young men fall in love with, not because of her beauty, but because of her empathy. She is a dreamer, like Alice in Wonderland.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: a sexual relationship with internal emotional satisfaction. Each other's mutual efforts do not require much return. Seeing each other's joy, one's heart is also satisfied. On the other hand, it means that both parties attach great importance to this relationship, and will spend a lot of time maintaining this relationship, which will also make the future of this relationship better and more stable.
  • Wealth: you can make money with your wisdom. Now you should trust and use your intuition to invest and manage money. Wealth will increase at an equal rate!
  • Career: I know how to find the way I really want to go in the current environment. Maybe going to work is boring and boring, but the romantic thinking factor in my heart makes all this interesting and lovely. However, there is a small problem in the view of self owned companies or individual studios. Although it is a good thing to have a dream, the actual situation also needs to be considered and paid attention to.
  • Appearance: simple colors and casual clothes are in line with your feelings!
  • Health: you are energetic and healthy. You should continue to maintain your good living habits! You can take a lot of walks when you are free, and your mood will be relieved when you are flirting!

Inverse meaning

  • There is no way to trust the people around you, trapped by an embarrassing environment.
  • Pay attention to the physical and mental independence of others, and be a good friend.
  • Pay attention to public praise and reputation.
  • Temperament needs to be changed. The difficulties you face are often caused by bad temperament.
  • Bad conduct.

The reversed Holy Grail queen suggests that there may be excessive emotional flooding and excessive Emotionalization, which has reached the level of lack of rationality. It is difficult to master emotions, do not know how to deal with and communicate with them, and cannot cope with them. On the other hand, the yearning for emotion may be too strong. They want a lot of objects. They are not expert in using emotion. They can't stand loneliness and are eager to seize others. They appear to be crazy.

The reversed Holy Grail queen also implies that her spiritual level is running too far, which makes her slowly ignore the external material level, and disconnects the connection point between her spiritual level and the material level, resulting in spiritual isolation and unrealistic possibility. On the other hand, it means that some unpleasant things in the past are deeply rooted in my heart, which makes my inner movement weaken a lot, and may also make my inner level slowly stop developing and full of useless things.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: it means that one of the two sides constantly takes the past pain out for inspection and compares it with the current feelings, resulting in minor conflicts between the two sides. To some extent, such a situation is caused by a sense of mistrust of themselves. The poor communication and interaction between the two people are also slowly produced. Withdrawal and mistrust of each other, and changes in values are also slowly produced in each other's hearts.
  • Fortune: Recently, I have become more fond of spending money! In addition to shopping and having fun, don't forget to save a little money, so that it won't turn into acting and eating food!
  • Career: I am cutting off the connection between my spiritual level and material level, stopping my expectation and hope for the future, and suffering in my current state. From the perspective of self owned companies and individual studios, it is possible to stop the career development. On the other hand, it implies that you should relax and think about how to move forward in the future.
  • Appearance: change gives people a cold feeling, just start with dressing change!
  • Health: if you refuse the love provided by life, you will become a little depressed. There is no other way to recover your health. You can only start from forgiving others and yourself!