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Dream of being naked

Nobody will be naked in front of others. However, we may all have tried to be naked in a dream. Do you know the meaning of this kind of dream?

  • Dream of being ignored your naked body indicates that you are rejected by people and treated with indifference in reality, you are now trying to forget it.
  • Dreaming of accepting someone's naked body indicates that you can see through his heart, and fully accept the real him. This dream also indicates that he has broken your defense.
  • Dreaming of hating the other's naked body indicates that you are preoccupied recently and afraid of being found out your secret. Especially you may hide from the lover, his honesty to you will make you more uneasy. Dreaming of disgusting his naked body indicates that you really hate his personality, and he makes you very upset or disappointed.
  • Your naked body in childhood represents your real personality. Dreaming of your naked body in childhood indicates that you are very weak now and hope to be protected. Dreaming of looking for clothes to cover your body indicates that you are plotting a plan, or wearing a false mask in order not to let others see through you.
  • Dreaming of walking on the bumpy road bare-footed indicates that you are currently in trouble, so that your spirit is troubled and emotionally instable.