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Dreaming about buddhas, gods, immortals

  • To dream of burning incense and worshipping the gods indicates that although you've meet difficulties now, but a honored person will help you in the most difficult times, you will be very successful.
  • To dream of the image of Buddha indicates good luck, everything will go well recently. If you wife is pregnant, she will give birth a healthy and lovely baby safely. 
  • To dream of mmortals, such as the Eight Immortals in Chinese folk indicates that you will have good luck for wealth recently, God will bless you to carry out your plans successfully.
  • To dream of being chased by ghosts indicates that you may get a serious illness, you'd better have a body check, pay particular attention to your liver.
  • To dream of the Buddha or god coming to your house indicates that your family will be very worried about your career, but you can get promotion successfully, your family can be satisfied with you, also you will live a harmonious family life.
  • To dream of the Buddha or god indicates success and profit.
  • To dream of the Buddha or god advising you indicates that you need to correct the errors.
  • To dream of hearing the voices of the Buddha or god indicates that you are very likely to get promotion and also have better luck. 
  • To dream of being together with the Buddha or god indicates that your difficulties will be resolved, the fortune will be gradually improved. It is an auspicious dream.
  • A man dreams of praying to the Buddha or god alone indicates that he will lose help.
  • To dream of the Buddha or god getting angry indicates a bad omen, indicating that you will encounter many ups and downs, you will have bad luck also, it seems that even God will not help you.
  • To dream of the Buddha or god putting yourself in the arms indicates a happy life and longevity.
  • To dream of the Buddha or god holding a sword indicates that the enemy will be destroyed.