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Dreaming about cars, driving

The car is a kind of higher autonomous vehicle. Riding a car is like controlling yourself, the direction of riding your car represents the way of your life. Driving is the desire for freedom, people often in harsh environments will do such a dream.

For drivers:

  • To dream of becoming a driver indicates that you can control yourself.
  • To dream of hitchhiking indicates that you are not completely independent, but you are affected by others or similar traits.
  • To dream of catching a ride indicates sexual shadow, you will be subject to the temptation to eat the forbidden fruit. The only way to avoid this situation is to break off relations with the surrounding dangerous people.

For driving atmosphere:

  • To dream of driving a car successfully indicates that your fortune and physical condition are good, you will finish something undone. 
  • You can't drive, dreaming of being helpless in the driver's sea means that you are very nervous. You'd better climb the mountain with a few good friends.
  • To dream of racing indicates that you will succeed in career.

Dreaming of car trouble:

  • To dream that you can not master the steering wheel means that you can't control yourself, you must get rid of your evil thoughts or bad habits.
  • To dream of lights or windshield wipers going wrong means that you can't see the way forward, maybe you should have a good plan for your future.
  • To dream of running out of petrol means that you have no energy to work or life.
  • To dream of a tyre bursting indicates that there will be a disappointment for you recently.
  • To dream of starting your car in vain means that you should reflect on your stubborn temper.

Dreaming of accidents:

  • To dream of having an accident means that you must re-examine your life, consider that if you lose control of life, or you are too extreme to deal with something. If you can make a comprehensive plan, treat everything calmly, do not seek instant success, then you will be successful.
  • To dream of having an accident at home means that you're worried about your family.
  • To dream of having an accident in the office means that you are very eager to get good grades at work.
  • To dream of getting hurt in an accident means that you yearn for a sense of stability.
  • To dream of a flight accident indicates that you lack confidence recently, and you lose your confidence in others.