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Dreaming about prince, princess

Generally the prince and princess in the dream represent you and your siblings, while the king and queen represent your parents.

  • To dream of a prince or princess indicates that you may quarrel with a kind person, but it will not affect your relationship between.
  • A man dreams of a prince indicates that he wants to be a real man.
  • To dream of being summoned by a prince indicates that you will have happiness in the family, you may be promoted to an important position to show your abilities and talents, you can won everyone's envy, the business is also very prosperous.
  • A girl dreams of a Prince Charming indicates that she will have a boyfriend, but this guy will not make her satisfied, they can not get together for a whole life.  
  • A married woman dreams of a Prince Charming indicates that she may have crisis in the family relationship, she and her husband will be in danger of divorce, it is very likely to have an affair.
  • An unmarried woman dreams of a Prince Charming indicates that she will break up with her boyfriend.
  • To dream of a Prince Charming wearing swimming trunks to take a lifebuoy indicates that when you choose your lover, you value both the other's health and the civil and martial virtues, but not sexy or something else.
  • To dream of a Prince Charming wearing sunglasses and a suit indicates that you may prefer a lover who is older than you, who is also mature, stable, calm, realistic just like your father and brother, because you are very attached to your father, or you lost your father's love in childhood, you may wish to be protected by this guy.