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Wisdom line of Palmistry can tell if you are successful in career

Work, you can not just food and clothing only, find your interest, area of ​​expertise, you can also talk about a work-life love, rather than daily reluctance, dragging a heavy pace, tired and doing manual work. What work do you fit? Smart line has the ability to dominate handheld other lines, is the most important line on hand, it may seem simple, but its direction, its curvature, its starting point, but often reveals a lot of your career suitability of the mystery Oh! Wisdom line direction, quickly pointing out what you do best to solve the types of complex problems, is your unique niche, and also the manner in which you make a living; it reveals you fit to go commercial, literary or technical route, we The following example from the start, and control your own hands, to be a professional adaptive understanding of it!

1, wisdom end up extending

Your wisdom end up extending it? Like you, especially for commercial or financial and other for-profit business , because you are actually human, sensitive to economic issues, the general atmosphere of the work of art is less good, but the practical ability, budget, work together to act decisively, to grasp the focus is on command of the society in the material, you can benefit of palmistry .

This type of palmistry friends, usually with a very business minded, extra cash is not a dream, it is money Yunjia palmistry. However, if the go the wrong way easily become stingy and cunning. To remind you, in your feelings may not be on the romantic, the other half find it too easy to be boring, operating in private emotionally, should pay more warmth, will be able to have a more successful interpersonal lives.

2, wisdom line moderately curved toward the second Mars Hill

Wisdom line to the second Mars Hill moderately curved friends, intelligent trend of moderation, occupational suitability broad thinking and performance of the transaction have a reasonable manner, coupled with a wealth of knowledge of life and life force, mostly good resilience in the community, to properly deal with the things happening around.

In this type of palmistry and development work on the suitability, appropriateness good side is wide, but on the other hand, is that the less gifted with a strong personal characteristics, there is excellent potential if the smart line, then can have small or large achievement, wisdom line situation is not good, and often is, underachievement.

3, the end of the line toward the wisdom of Confucius month

May mound toward the end of the line wisdom for you, full of creativity and imagination, heavier spiritual needs, although some less practical, but the idea is great, in the creativity with a special talent, with originality, often can produce in-depth works of many writers to write masterpieces or artist even physicists, wisdom lines are mostly flat to go on hill, with both thumbs raised hand type thick, the greater the chances of a successful career.

This line of curvature greater the more gentle as possible, if the steep bend near the underground lifeline, there is suspicious man, easy pessimistic, confine themselves to a small world, indifferent to others outside world, and even free like paranoia and other strange behavior took place.

4, wisdom-lane bifurcation

Line a large fork or two wisdom wisdom line, while the line but the degree of fall for you, smart exceptionally good, failing to react quickly, both will want will do, you can engage in two properties completely different work, and also have done impressive . Such principal is a computer engineer, but it is to do direct sales or part-time teaching piano, Nengwennengwu impressive.

This palmistry friends, often common people that were so, hell that stuff, so in the service industry or free trade tend to be more handy, is doing very people who have the essentials Oh, in general, versatile, do anything good, Even do industrialist, is a truly high-level white-collar workers.

5, off the palm or palm off false

You're off the palm or palm it off false? Off the palm palmistry, often with incredible talents, industries such as the entertainment industry, music industry, the business community and other genius leader many of which are off the palm, interestingly, with Down's syndrome have a high proportion of off the palm, but their off the palm is often mixed with a lot of bad marks, rather than straight show deep.

There are off the palm of you with more consistent perseverance, coupled with challenges like personality, whether engaged in the industries, and more able to break some tricks, even if the failure also has the ability to rise again, as long as progress toward your interests boldly that is. Magnificent life is waiting for you.