Wisdom line of Palmistry can tell if you are successful in career

Work can not only seek food and clothing, but also find your interests and expertise. You can also talk about a lifelong love with work, rather than dragging a heavy pace and tired going to and from work every day. What kind of job are you suitable for? Smart line has the ability to dominate other lines on your palm. It is the most important line on your hand. It seems simple, but its direction, radian and starting point often reveal many mysteries of your professional suitability! The direction of the wisdom line can quickly point out what kind of complex problems you are best at solving, which is not only your unique niche, but also your way of making a living; It reveals that you are suitable for business, literature or technology. Let's start with the following examples and compare them with your own hands to understand your professional suitability!

1. The end of wisdom extends upward

Does your wisdom end up? This kind of you is especially suitable for business or financial and other profit-making undertakings. Because you are practical and sensitive to economic issues, you are generally not good at literary and artistic work, but you have strong practical ability, careful calculation, and can grasp the key points. You can get a good palm in a material society.

Friends with this type of palm are usually very business minded. Rolling money is not a dream, but a palm with good money luck. But if you go astray, it is easy to become stingy and cunning. I want to remind you that you may not be romantic enough emotionally, and it is easy to be disliked and boring by your partner. In managing personal relationships, you should pay more warmth, and you will have a more perfect interpersonal life.

2. The wisdom line is moderately bent towards the second Martian hill

Friends whose wisdom line is moderately curved towards the second Martian Hill tend to be moderate in wisdom, have a wide range of professional adaptability, and have reasonable ways of thinking and expressing affairs. Coupled with rich life knowledge and vitality, most of them have good adaptability in society and can properly deal with what happens around them.

The good side of this type of palmistry is its wide adaptability in work suitability and development, but on the other hand, it is that personal talent is not strong. If the wisdom line is excellent and powerful, it can have small or great achievements. If the situation of the wisdom line is bad, it is often that high is not low.

3. The end of the wisdom line faces the moon hill

The end of the wisdom line faces the moon hill. You are full of creativity and imagination, and pay more attention to spiritual needs. Although it is somewhat unrealistic, you have great ideas and special talent in creativity. Through originality, you can often produce deep works. Many writers, artists and even physicists who write great works mostly walk gently towards the moon hill, and your thumb grows at the same time, If you have a thick hand, you have a greater chance of success in your career.

The greater the radian of this line, the better it will be. If the steep underground bend is close to the lifeline, people will be suspicious and easy to be pessimistic. They will confine themselves to a small world, be indifferent to other people's outside world, and even have strange behaviors such as fantasy and delusion.

4. Wisdom line big bifurcation

If the wisdom line has a big bifurcation or two wisdom lines, and the lines do not fall excessively, you have excellent intelligence, respond quickly to things, think and do things. You can engage in two kinds of jobs with completely different properties, and do them vividly. For example, the main job is a computer engineer, but the part-time job is to do direct sales or teach piano. Being able to write and play is impressive.

This kind of palmist friend often talks about people and ghosts. Therefore, he is often more handy in the service industry or free trade. He is a person who knows how to do things. Generally speaking, he is versatile and does everything well. Even if he is not an industrialist, he is also a real high-level white-collar worker.

5. Broken or false palm

Are you a broken palm or a false one? Palmists with severed palms often have incredible talents. Many talented leaders in all walks of life, such as performing arts, music and industry, are severed palms. Interestingly, the proportion of severed palms in patients with Down's disease is also high, but their severed palms are often mixed with many bad marks rather than straight and deep show.

With a broken palm, you have the perseverance to carry out all the time, coupled with the personality of loving challenges. No matter you are engaged in all walks of life, you can make a name for yourself. Even if you fail, you can rise up again. As long as you move forward bravely towards your interests. The magnificent life is waiting for you.