The successful line

Male: left hand,    Female: right hand.

Successful line (the sun line): It is starting from the wrist, and some extended to the bottom of the ring finger, and some broke off. Successful line is the position where can correctly answer your current luck condition. Fate line is to look at the operation and strength of your fate, and successful line is to look at your fate result. So, even if you have good fate, but if the successful line is not good, you could not get good results.

  • People with winding successful line would be short of straightforward character, and put all things to the bad aspects of development, you would ultimately have the fate of failure.
  • People with deep and straight successful line would have strong luck, you would be able to be successful as long as you could prosecute for everything.
  • People with disordered successful line are unwilling to accept the opinions and advice. You would be always reckless and impulse to frequently offend others, while you would get the loss of credit.
  • People with extension lines on successful line would be unable to create life down to earth, you might often be cranky and impractical, which in the end would ruin your future.
  • People with successful line starting from beneath the palms and straight upwards would be able to gain credibility in the community, and would go to the successul road.
  • Successful line is starting from the lunar mound and extending up, which would not affect the average person. But if you're artist and entertainer, that could make you get popularity and prestige with good performace in the community.
  • People with successful line starting from the Venus mound, while extending upward would have literary talent. You would surely get wealth and status with efforts.
  • People with successful line starting from the lifeline while extending upward are always strong-willed and work hard. You could get other's aid and get achievement in arts or literary.
  • People with the successful line starting from fate line and going straight and extending with the fate line would gain wealth and prestige with hard work.
  • People with successful line starting from the smart line, and extemdomg upward are smart and intellect. You would be good at communicating. You would get career achievements in the light of muddy as long as using intelligence and working hard.
  • People with successful line starting from the emotiions line and extending upward would have straightforward character. You would be working very hard at youth and middle age, but almost would get elite status after 50 years old. This type of person is the most suitable for technologies and services areas.
  • People with successful line starting from the second Mars Mound and extending upward, would have resistance to pain lasting power of the rich. You would be able to accomplish with great profits..
  • People with forked successful line could not carry something through to the end. But if the branch line is clear and deep-drawn, you could make up for this shortcoming and make better luck.
  • The successful line is divided into trigeminal, one extends to the lower part of the middle finger, one extends to the lower part of the little finger, which indicates the persn's thinking is very exquisite with spirits, thes kind of people can have fame, status and wealth.
  • People with several irregular branches on the front of successful line, the main faith is wandering, lack of perseverance at worke, Ten arts eighty-nine accomplished. Is the phase implied nothing of.
  • People with several small and parallels on successful line would not get along with others easily. You would be short of perseverance at work, so it is difficult to accomplish great exploits.
  • People with successful line ending on feelings line would have unstable emotions. You would often encounter disgust of your close friends. You would let the good luck slip away.
  • The successful line is connected with some small lines and extending upwards, which suggests you could not abide by the regulations. The chance of success would be rather weak.
  • People with broken successful line would suffer a setback in the rising successful fate. If the broken line is connected to another line, which indicates you would make a comeback, and walk on the successful road.