What kind of a woman face is perfect?

From the perspective of philology, women not only have a good face because they are beautiful, but also meet the standards of philology.

1. Big eyes have God

The more unswerving a person is, the bigger his eyes will be. No matter how many difficulties there are, the person with big eyes and God can still step steadily and move forward bravely, which is quite frightening. Her flexible eyes show that she is very sensitive in thinking, just like a hound chasing after meat.

2. Tiancang open

Tiancang means warehouse. Tiancang is open, that is, the temple is very open. People with this appearance said in the ancient theory of fate that the warehouse at home is very large and there is a lot of rice grain in it.

3. The forehead should not be too high

Girls' forehead is too high and momentum is too strong. Maybe you can get the favor of your husband, but you may not be able to maintain it for a long time.

4. Goose egg face does not reveal cheekbones, enjoying husband fame and wealth

Goose egg noodles refer to round faces, not fat and swollen faces. A woman with goose egg noodles can enjoy the fruits of her husband's fame and wealth as long as her cheeks and cheekbones are not "bone fir" or lucky.

5. Long curved eyebrows

This should be viewed separately from men and women. Men's eyebrows should be slightly wide and raised, while women's eyebrows should be slender and curved. For a man, his eyebrows are wide and slightly raised, which means that the boy is very ambitious and promising. In addition to being happy with him, you will think that the boy will have a bright future and he will take care of you. For girls, of course, it doesn't have to be so wide, but it can be thinner. However, it should be long and curved. For such girls, you will think she is very considerate, gentle and looks very cute.

6. The hair is thick and moist

The hair should be thick and shiny. Thick hair means that the hair cannot be sparse. Even when you are young, you have lost a lot of hair, and your hair should not look very dry. In addition to being healthy, a person with thick and shiny hair indicates that she likes thinking, is humorous and funny, and has a pleasant personality.

7. Alar extension

This part of the nose is called the palace of wealth and silk. Outside the palace of wealth and silk, Zhang represents financial ability and good concept.

8. Lower lip thickness

People with thick lower lips are lucky to be self-centered. A person with an upturned mouth indicates that he is extraordinarily cheerful and popular. He doesn't have to worry about clothes, food and shelter all his life. A man with a big mouth has a strong life force, a broad mind, can take care of people sincerely, has good physical condition, has the ability to get in touch with people, is quite active in society, and can apply his energy to work. He belongs to the type of industrialist who can accumulate wealth. In love, their behavior is charming. They are not only good at expressing themselves, but also can catch each other's heart.

9. A perfect chin and a lifetime of happiness

The round and fat Chin (jaw) is the face of enjoyment type, which represents being able to enjoy all the blessings of her husband; You can enjoy this "welfare" only if you have a good marriage. Remember, the lower "circle" does not mean the chin "pocket".