Aquarius character analysis and matching


Character analysis

“ I know & rdquo; It's an Aquarius mantra

The guardian of the 11th house, ruled by Uranus, is like a water bottle. Frank, intelligent and idealistic, but they will not fall into the frivolous category. Aquarius has strong and charming personality traits, and it is also the most humanist constellation. They are almost always concise, clear and logical, but they do not advocate power or easily obey the opinions of others. Even in the company workplace, the bottle is conspicuous and independent. They don't like to be interfered by anyone, even if you mean well. He / she will accept it only when he / she really needs your help.

Aquarius often needs to retreat from the earth, temporarily completely isolated from the outside world, separated from life and society, and even maintain limited contact with family and friends. In fact, they are very keen and good at doing strange things. They also like to jump out of life and society in an extreme way. Aquarius doesn't like pity, intimacy and show off in any way. If you are ignored or emotionally disappointed, it is estimated that you will always cross the bottle. They are quite stubborn. Because their personal ideal is so high and unreachable, they are easy to be disappointed in life due to disillusionment.

They are really a group of machine weird races (and are happy with it). They like to be with other freaks, because bottles are easily bored and can never live at ease. It's hard to get close to the bottle. They are only interested in being original, creative and exciting (sometimes adventurous or unstable). In this way, they can always experience what they haven't experienced, and the conversation will always make the bottle look forward to. Aquarius people are always driven by experimental impulses, and sometimes get into trouble because they are keen to taste fresh food. Bottles can never restrain themselves from looking for new things or changes, which can constantly broaden their horizons or become a catalyst for the continuous progress of intelligence. They will be interested in you in an instant. Once their curiosity is satisfied, bottles will move forward again. Bottle's desire for new knowledge is the driving force to promote their communication with others.

In fact, they are the most original thinkers in the twelve constellations. However, their extreme desire for independence is the only weakness of the bottle, which makes them always strange and keep looking for and exploring. This is why they have only a few close friends and are not very close to their family. If Aquarius can control the problem of love ultimatum, it is easy to let others obey themselves.

Their detached justice can reach a cold state, so it is difficult to measure this population with ordinary moral concepts. When bottles find themselves ashamed of how irrational they have been, they will suddenly fall into a state of isolation, but don't doubt that their reaction will always exceed what people expect. They will never let emotions interfere with their decisions. Any decision is based on objectivity. Aquarius is extremely distrustful of emotion. They think it will bring inner conflict and entanglement.

People whose sun is in Aquarius are always regarded as a sign of genius, but & ldquo; Boredom & rdquo; It is the biggest difficulty that puzzles them. Because the brain of the bottle is always full of endless ideas, it needs to constantly fill in new information to support it. Aquarius never deliberately hurts people, but natural emotional traits and too frank personality will always hurt sensitive individuals. They are good at communication. As long as it involves the spiritual field or you show enough friendliness, they are not interested in discussing your emotional problems.

They are informal, so they are usually tolerant of shortcomings and defects (both to others and themselves). Sometimes you feel that you ignore your shortcomings to the point of being too selfish. Sometimes, they even pour all their money to help people in need. As long as you open your mouth to the water bottle, they will lend a helping hand immediately. That's why the water bottle is always poor in financial management and can't save money. They want to lose all their money as soon as they get it.

Aquarius has a strong personality, good lobbying and a great sense of humor. Once you think someone is worthy of making friends, you will really take care of him with all your heart (anyway, Aquarius is a fixed constellation), but underneath his easygoing appearance, there are hidden ambitions. In order to become famous and reach the peak, they can betray anyone. They don't go too far in personal relationships because they like to keep a distance from others. As long as they learn how to tolerate the shortcomings of others, bottles will become the most loyal and reliable friends or lovers. They are willing to give everything and remain unchanged forever.

In fact, Aquarius attaches great importance to friends, so you will find that most of them will be members of a club or groups with common hobbies (especially those related to human nature). Aquarius is rarely afraid or anxious. In most cases, it is always confident and pleasant. This is a remarkable characteristic of Aquarius, coupled with rational and logical analysis, and the unexpected nature of Aquarius preference plays a role in attracting others. They are independent individuals and live in their own thinking country (Lewis Carroll said), which is the best excuse for bottles not to compromise with social conventions and like rebellion.

It is said that the typical water bottle is not suitable for the administrative industry. First of all, they would rather be hungry than make decisions and give orders to others than work nine to five. In addition, the unfairness of office life cannot be tolerated. However, they are indeed very responsible employees with great wisdom and different abilities. They have a wide range of friends (probably all kinds of colors, and the frequency of change is also very fast). They will know a lot of people inadvertently. It's impossible for employees to stay in such a company for a long time, but it's not only for them to make full use of their reputation, but also for them to stay in such a company.

Constellation pairing

Aquarius's best matching constellations are Aquarius, Libra and Gemini. Aquarius is not suitable to be with Taurus, Scorpio and cancer. These three constellations are easy to be jealous. Aquarius will feel that they have too much monopoly.


They have common hobbies, endure each other's strange behaviors and hobbies, and give each other great freedom.


Libra knows how to win the hearts of a partner or friend. The combination of bottle scales is simply made in heaven, as if it is tailor-made for each other. Bottle scales are so smart and know how to respect each other. If Libra can make the bottle have enough space, it is undoubtedly the most perfect pair, which can last forever.


Gemini and Aquarius are also a good match. Even if they are not married, they can become close partners in life.