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Piscis character analysis and matching lover

Character Analysis

Piscis is the last zodiacal signs, which is guarded by the Neptune and is one of the water signs with symbol of Pisces.  As we are aware of their astrological sign, the fish is tender, spirited, sensitive and closely related to emotions. Piscis tend to live in a fantasy world of their own creation, where they can find the aegis of calmness and safety, and they will completely immerse into the idea in their own mind.

All Piscis have a vivid imagination with a bit obsessive, and sometimes they even thought they should do things following to C.I.A (performance overfrequency adjustment). They do not mind if others thought they were confused, because they would rather believe in fairy tales and continue to travel in the world of their own creation.  Their sign is on the behalf that they are constantly alternating between fantasy and reality, between yin and yang, so the two fishes selected upstream or take advantage of the waves. Their symbol does reflect how Piscis often swing between two different roads of life, or they can have two completely different ways of life at the same time. They can be very successful or just as garbage (many Piscis are in jail!)

Piscis people are very compassionate, they have responsibility to alleviate the suffering of others. So they can often make benefit from the nature of their kindness, though they are not very rich. Whether how hard they are, they can not have any significant impact on friends, but people tend to produce resentment because they show off their success. Piscis can always let the needs of others come before them, this is a way to make them move on. When in love, Piscis will always sacrifice themselves for love, because they can deeply understand the suffering of others and care about very much.

In the process of interaction with people, Piscis are always looking for a soul mate to make spiritual exchange, they will seldom consider the physical attraction. Piscis have idealistic notions of love, they will always be looking for the perfect relationship. However, they are also typical chameleon due to lack of confidence. This variable personality will always make them difficult to settle down. Piscis are always looking for the perfect relationship, which of course could not exist, but which will make them unstable in a relationship.

Piscis are very good friends (in life), they are generous, kind-hearted (really always kind), and this pleasant and easy going personality will make them very popular.  Piscis are closely related with siblings or other close relatives, these family members can also be ranked as the best friends of Piscis. The correct intuition can make them feel the needs of others, and timely they will give the legendary sympathy.  Piscis will make actions according to their ideas, and their philosophy of existence will change with trend of the times change.

In the eyes of colleagues, Piscis are well-tempered and beautiful office diplomats. They always have right words and deeds and generosity provide emotional or professional guidelines. The Pisces boss treat subordinates kindly and fairly, so they will create an office culture like loyal family. When under pressure, Piscis will also be moody, but in most cases they are relaxed and tolerant. They are able to perceive other people's emotional problems, so Piscis will need more time alone than any other constellations.

The public service work is easier to attract Piscis, such as civil servants, police, doctors, nurses, legislators, can affect their heartstrings. Piscis can also become good sales or marketing staff (in their favor) or in the advertising industry, because creative ideas (excellence imagination) make them have outstanding artistic talent.  They will be happiest to volunteer to do some public service activities in spare time.  Piscis is the most likely to be attracted constellation of 12 constellation

Especially they are good at taking care of others, but in terms of psychological and / or physiological Pisces are hardly aware of their own needs as well as to take care of themselves. If there is no drug addiction or alcohol abuse, most of the Piscis need to deal with their overweight problems. In life they really need a strong idol for their down-to-earth, otherwise they are easy into good or bad extreme emotionally.

The matching constellations

Pisces almost can make the vast majority of other constellations get what they want in love!  But you'd better not contact with Aries, because they are too aggressive and strong, which will destroy your soft nature.


Your positions in the ecliptic are ust the opposite, which may be the best for you. It is important to find a Virgo who care about you more, so you will find the right person to pay the bill and clean the house for you.


The characteristics of the water signs will give you a strong emotional instinct, and will make available the direction or support  for you.