Detailed explanation of Aquarius in 12 constellations


Aquarius (eleventh house) January 20-21 ~ February 18-19

  • Constellation alias: Aquarius in the west, Aquarius in the day, Aquarius in the wrong name, and carrier.
  • Symbolic meaning: Treasure bottle, teapot holder, water wave or electric light.
  • Constellation symbol: wind sign, masculine fixed constellation, and it is a male, ineffective and revolutionary palace.
  • Guardian planets: Saturn and Uranus.
  • Relative Constellation: Leo.
  • Birthstone: Amethyst
  • Mascot: Harp snail
  • Auspicious metal: platinum or radium
  • Auspicious numbers: 4, 8, 13, 22, 31
  • Auspicious day: Wednesday
  • Patron saint: Uranus, the God of heaven
  • Guardian Goddess: Athena Athena
  • Guardian Angel: Gabriel Gabriel
  • Symbols: fluctuations
  • Representative: mutation, rebellion, fraternity, unusual. An organizational figure
  • Traits: cold, unsociable, withdrawn, unstable, unpredictable, rebellious
  • Tripartite state: fixed
  • Maximum feature: knowledge seeking
  • Representative No.: Saturday
  • Color: cyan
  • I know.
  • Constellation formula: know, know and be altruistic. Driving force: participate in the science and Technology Exhibition
  • Bad luck: lack of self
  • Joy in life: pattern and originality
  • Pain in life: lack of spiritual freedom
  • Adverse conditions: do not care.
  • Exploration: the internal relationship between people and things.
  • Constellation with destiny: Libra, Gemini, Aquarius
  • A constellation without predestination: Cancer
  • Features: freedom, equality and fraternity
  • Favorite places: studio, photo studio, film theater, radio station, tower building
  • Dating places: various exhibition places, coffee shops, free talking parties, high-tech theme parks, etc
  • Temple planets: Saturn, Uranus.
  • Sunken Planet: sun.
  • Weak Planet: Neptune.
  • Body parts: ankle, leg below knee, calf, ankle, tibia, leg nervous system, blood and circulatory system, vein, etc.
  • Constellation diseases: arthritis, circulation problems, ankle sprains and fractures.
  • Positive characteristics: independent, creative, tolerant, individualistic, striving for innovation, loving art, pursuing knowledge, scientific temperament, logical mind, humanist, altruistic.
  • Negative characteristics: unpredictable behavior, uncertain temperament, bored with details, indifferent, shy, eccentric, overly focused on various views, radical, rebellious.

People whose birthdays are in Aquarius in winter are as cold as winter. He is a mystic. Have natural reason to understand the nature of human heart, have high tolerance, be full of research spirit, love all new things, and be able to accept new discoveries. Having good observation ability and the ability to establish theories often leads to Tianxiu scholars, inventors, scientists or becoming a shrewd researcher of human behavior. However, in order to achieve the goal, we will not resort to violence. We will support the self-determination of citizens and have a docile attitude.

Aquarius likes the lonely Aquarius in essence. In his character, there is a conservative side. Aquarius people are too stubborn to change their opinions or opinions easily, but on the other hand, they extremely hate disputes and violence with others. Sometimes when he is about to have a head-on conflict with others, he will pretend that he is completely unaware of the opposition and do what he wants to do.

Aquarius' character is actually the most unpredictable of the 12 constellations. The reason for this is that even Aquarius often doesn't understand himself. Aquarius people who advocate freedom show an alternating pattern of indifference and enthusiasm. You don't think he is a cold person, nor do you think he is a warm person. You always feel that his innocence and worldly sophistication are intertwined without interruption. This is entirely due to his conservative character. It's not easy for you to see a bottle break yourself, but once you see it, you should believe that he really wants to break it. Don't try to piece him up. You can only hope that the broken bottle will be reborn. Pursuing freedom, openness and progress with an old-fashioned character, Aquarius is trapped in the quagmire of warmth, which is as easy as a palm. However, his ability to reflect on himself and the world is growing day by day because of the internal and external contradictions.