Guanlu palace of the twelve constellations (the tenth house)

Guanlu palace is the palace of material, ranking tenth in the horoscope. Represents a person's career, reputation, social status, ambition, career and social activities. It represents your achievements and influence. It also represents one of the parents not represented in the fourth house. The following is the information shown by the planets in Guanlu palace.


The sun in Guanlu palace represents your ambition to gain power and status. The sun of many political figures is in this palace. The sun in this position has a noble temperament and will show a strong will to pursue success. You desire the respect and recognition of others, so you work hard to acquire knowledge and skills. You also usually have strong governance skills. You are usually born in a higher social status family, so you have higher moral constraints, and hate anything that is detrimental to dignity and morality. You like to be an example to others, “ Nobility ” This word suits you best. If the sun is out of phase, it may lead to authoritarian attitude, excessive infatuation with power and unscrupulous access to power and status. If it is serious, the result may be unimaginable, such as being demoted or dismissed, especially when the sun and Saturn are in poor phase.


People who have the moon in Guanlu Palace are eager to have outstanding performance and be appreciated by others. Most of your family is rich, and your parents have high hopes for you; Mother, in particular, is the one who mainly affects you. Most of your future career will be influenced by women. You need to work for everyone or women related affairs in some way. The moon in this position is helpful to all occupations related to the moon, including market, daily necessities, shipbuilding, and anything related to the public. Your reputation is very important to you, and your emotions are often dominated by ambition and the desire for progress. You need the public as your audience. You have very little private life. You may feel as if you are living in an aquarium, and this position may bring scandal. You need to feel that you are needed by the society and will have outstanding performance in public affairs. Moreover, if the moon is in a good phase, it is more helpful to have a hobby in politics. You may experience several career changes.


People who have mercury in the Guanlu palace like careers. They react quickly but are not complete. They are usually cheerful, successful and outgoing. The purpose of pursuing higher education in order to achieve one's own career and fame is to prepare for a career with fame and honor. You love challenging jobs and may have more than one job at the same time. Your career is very important to you. This mercury position enables you to have good organizational skills and the ability to plan for the future. What happens in your life is not accidental, but comes from deliberate plans to achieve the set goals.People with mercury in the Guanlu palace have the ability to communicate with their superiors and leaders, and are interested in politics or careers related to public life. Therefore, many political strategists and speech writers belong to this house. He is usually a successful public speaker and is good at communicating his ideas with others in many ways. You are alert and initiative by nature. You have the ability to organize. Education makes you interesting, but it is only a tool to help you develop your career. If there are many challenging aspects, you may become unprincipled and focus on how to plan to become a personal ambition. In addition, you will also engage in mass media, publishing, writing, printing, mathematics, speech and other professions.

If Mercury's phase is not good, it may be too ambitious and appear scheming; They usually show selfishness, coldness and dishonesty, which makes ambition go beyond principles. Personal vocational and professional education will be affected by the planet closest to mercury.


You are ambitious and will enjoy success when Venus falls into the Guanlu palace. You can find that many people are willing to help you at any time. You are ambitious in society and art. You will choose a career related to art. If you have artistic talent, you will become a popular artist. Your father or mother contributes to career success. You have good popularity and good luck. You are a natural diplomat and get along well with the opposite sex. You will marry people who help to improve your status and wealth, and establish good friendship with those in power. Although you always follow the trend of the times, rather than being a pioneer, you can often make a fortune among the masses. If the aspect is restricted, you will be a person who climbs the dragon and the Phoenix, and there is no way to enjoy the many benefits of having this aspect.


Mars' falling into Guanlu house represents the pursuit of fame and status. If you judge it in the eyes of the public, you may be an object of debate. Mars is very powerful in this position. You have the entrepreneurial and administrative skills you actually need, and you can become a constructive and creative political leader. Your ambition to pursue a career usually brings you a good reputation. Of course, it may also lead to great failure and scattered reputation. Because you are very active and highly competitive in pursuing your career, you can reach the peak of your career. This often makes you achieve extraordinary achievements in the fields of politics, corporate governance, engineers, military, etc.If the phase is unfavorable, illegal means may be used to obtain political power or status. When a scandal breaks out, it will lead to bad reputation and bad luck. You must protect your reputation. You may have a problem with your father. It may be separation. This is a suitable position for military service, mechanical or engineering.


Those who fall into the official wealth house of Jupiter will have extraordinary performance in their own positions. Because of your leadership ability, self-reliance and self-improvement are worth relying on. This position can be very successful in trade politics. There are many opportunities for promotion in your life and you are very active in society. The strong sense of justice in this house indicates that you will perform well in law, and of course your moral preparation is quite high. You sometimes appear arrogant and ambitious. You are a materialist, so you can be recognized for your achievements in your early years. You will actually grasp some influence, but the achievements will not be easily perceived. You have great ambition for your career and are usually recognized as the pillar of society. If you intend to engage in public office or politics, it will be a good astrology. These people have a noble personal style in their later years and will be richer in their later years. However, when they achieve their career goals, they inevitably ignore household chores and make their family relations unhappy. They should be careful and careful to maintain them. If the aspect is restrained, you will become arrogant.


Saturn's fall into the official salary house is quite advantageous. Your status is quite high, and you have strong career ambition and social status, especially after the age of 29. You like, need, and accept responsibility. You are ambitious, you need respect, and you are determined to succeed. You have excellent trade ability, self-reliance, organization and perseverance. Perhaps your life lacks a specific image of your father, or you may have a problem with one of your parents. You feel responsible for your family, and you can never afford to do it because of it. If the aspect is not good, you may be conceited and will do anything to achieve your goal. You will compromise to the principle because of your ambition, which will lead to a decline in your fortune. Therefore, you should be careful to deal with your dishonorable things. Fortunately, your mistakes can be corrected.


People who have Uranus in the official salary house are theoretical and practical reformers no matter what occupation they choose. You are very radical, like to disagree with people at the top, and have strong willpower. You are ambitious about what you want to do. However, the change of status and destiny is also sudden. The sudden rise of status may be an unfortunate precursor. When you have an ideal, you are a great soldier. From your perspective, you can be a great leader in world affairs and have the ability to change the old world. Such people are eager for freedom in their work. It is better for them to plan their own career and go their own way.When the aspect is not good, you may resist and attack any kind of authority. You are very original and imaginative. You are also an altruist and humanist. Because you are a clumsy follower, you are willing to try to be the one in charge. You may experience many sudden career changes and disappointments, or you may feel misunderstood, especially by authority figures. However, an unusual or unusual career will always attract you.


Neptune who falls into the official salary house has the potential to become a leader, and most of them are in the spiritual level. Your career is usually unusual, and you take charge of success and failure alone, but you will face it with a bright and frank attitude. Your work must be carried out in a secret and undisturbed way, such as the people behind the scenes, which will greatly increase your chances of success. Because you show an unusual attitude towards the world, which is a spouse for those who serve human beings, you may have higher expectations than you can really achieve, or the world may not give you the same reward for your achievements. This pair of actors is the best position. No matter in the film or on TV, people only see your glory. Your parents don't give you much help. No matter what your achievements are, they have done it by themselves. You are an idealist, but you have a good sense of the motives and emotions of those around you. You can become a diplomat. When the aspect is not good, there will be hidden secrets, or you may doubt yourself.


The person who Pluto falls into the official salary house is self-confident and decisive. In order to achieve his own goals, he will fight against authority when necessary. He is strong, brave and always carries out. You will become a spiritual leader in real life. You are good at dealing with complex power relations, so you are very suitable for political development. Your vision will rebuild social order, bring strong friends to yourself, but also include enemies, so you will become the focus of controversy. In the face of this situation, you may suddenly change your career. You may be a dictator, reformer, planner, or inventor. When there are unfavorable aspects, your persistence in self-determination may be on the edge of arrogance and delusion. You are a leader in your profession or scope. You may be loved or hated by others, but you will never be ignored. You have a demonic need to outdo everyone around you. You can express your opinions smoothly and clearly by constantly driving yourself to perfectionism. When there are negative aspects, you may be a shrewd, vindictive, sadistic or deceiving person.