Tianzhai palace of the twelve constellations (the fourth house)

The fourth house in the horoscope is the house of Tian Zhai, which is the house of emotion. It represents your family, parents and your roots, that is, your genetic, heritage, psychological roots and subconsciousness. It also means real estate, housing. It also represents the end of life, such as old age, homestead and posthumous fame. It also shows your parents' influence on you in childhood, and also shows your self and subjective views. Look at the characteristics of the planets when they fall into Tanaka.


People who have the sun in the Tanaka palace attach great importance to building a safe family; You are very proud of the family tradition, and usually have a lot of temperament. You hope that the family can become a place full of art, beauty and wealth. Of course, the degree of presentation depends on your wealth and social class. Your primary goal in life is to strive for the top without interruption, continue to prosper towards the end of life, maintain and promote security. You will show a strong interest in land, housing, ecology, natural resources, etc.If the sun is in a poor phase in the Tanaka palace, it will be too self-centered and proud. There is no way to coexist with parents, and it is easy to have the desire to control family affairs. In fact, people in this position usually want to be the master of the family or have their own finances. If the sun is in a favorable phase, it can fully enjoy the fun of family life and bring happiness and contentment.

Children in this house of the sun are good at taking care of their siblings. They should be encouraged to make friends outside their home life.


The person whose moon falls into Tanaka is in a strong position, and the relationship between the fourth house and cancer makes the moon add a bit of dignity in this position. You attach great importance to your family, so unless you can have a happy family life, you won't be happy. Family relationships can affect your mood. Parents, especially mothers, have more influence on you. In general, you enjoy doing housework and cooking, especially for women. You will have strong and instinctive motherhood, and you are the best choice for a housewife, but there will be changes in your family. In terms of career, you will have outstanding performance in food, real estate and household appliances related industries.In terms of shortcomings, your psychology lacks harmony and you often change your residence. On the bright side, however, your financial situation will gradually improve in the second half of your life. When being restrained, there will be the phenomenon of relying on children, and this dependence is difficult to remove. Interested in history or ancestors.


People with mercury in Tanaka like to engage in mental activities at home. For example, studying certain subjects may lead to excessive familiarization. You will become a well-educated and reasonable parent, and also like to show off the deeds of the previous generation.Your home is often used as a work place, because Mercury, who controls Virgo and the sixth house, happens to be in charge of related affairs. You often collect information about your family and then spend a lot of time sharing it with your family. Your home may become a communication center in the neighborhood, and you will spend a lot of time socializing. You usually have the habit of reading newspapers while eating breakfast.

You are interested in real estate, agriculture, earth science, such as geography and ecological environment. You may become a writer in these fields. You often change your residence, or you may live a nomadic life. If mercury is out of phase, you may frequently disagree with others. You should think carefully before making a decision.


People who have Venus in tianzhai usually have a strong sense of family and attach great importance to the handling of household chores. The relationship between them and their families is quite harmonious. You like to spend a good time at home with your close lover. You will cook food for each other and create a warm environment that belongs only to you. Your home will always be beautifully decorated. Try to make your home conform to your own wishes as much as possible. The home environment must be pleasing to the eye and comfortable. You can get pleasure from flower arrangement and interior decoration, but it is also possible to squander money to achieve your goal.In addition, you are emotionally close to your parents, and many of the joys of your life come from this. There is also the possibility of obtaining the right to continue from the parents. At the end of your life, you will expect to be surrounded by beautiful and comfortable things. You like to decorate your home with a garden like Provence style, and you love the beauty of local nature.


Mars' falling into the house of otaku means that they are hardworking, energetic and have the desire to control housework, which may cause family quarrels, especially when Mars is mismatched. You will put most of your efforts into creating a home environment. People in this Mars position are often “ Diy” There are many ways for the zealots to vent, perhaps through carpentry, metalworking, car repairmen and other work.In addition, you are also interested in environmental and ecological issues. If Mars is in the right phase, you are good at changing your environment. If the phase is bad, parents may be unhappy. At this time, you need to improve emotional self-control in order to promote family harmony. Sometimes as long as you move away from your birthplace, good family relations can be maintained.

You will save money for your old age, and you will continue from your parents to the land and houses. However, if Mars is not in a favorable phase, you may have trouble in property, and the houses will be stolen or burned. This position can bring a strong physique, full of energy, and will last until old age. Do your best for your family.


Those who fall into the house of Tian and Zhai can be said to enjoy exclusive dignity. This house brings you harmonious family relations and social rights. You usually continue the property of your parents or other relatives. If Jupiter was also in cancer, your parents provided you with good upbringing at an early age. If the aspect is good, material and spiritual benefits will come with birth. If the aspect is bad, leave the birthplace as soon as possible.


People with Saturn in the house of otaku have unhappy or restricted family life and bear great responsibility for their family. Your parents are usually very strict and conservative, causing you a burden in the future. You are emotionally isolated from your family. You usually need to overcome psychological barriers to become a good family member. Your career usually revolves around the manufacturing of real estate, construction and agricultural or household products. You pursue these things in an attempt to make your later years rich in materials. In your later years, you usually like to live in seclusion or become introverted.


Uranus' falling into the house of Tanaka shows a different family life and relationship. One of the parents will be very unique. And your family concept pursues to come and go at will. You will regard your close friends as members of your family, and your family is often used as a place for group activities. Your family situation may change a lot. In your later years, there will be unusual changes in the environment. It is very difficult to get along with family members. There is no binding force at home.


Neptune's people who fall into Tanaka are very dependent on their families, but they will take care of every member as their mother when they grow up. You may take strangers home and hide hidden secrets at home. You will become very emotional at night. In a word, your family relationship is very chaotic.

Power King Star

People with Pluto in Tanaka want to be in charge of interpersonal relationships. Because of your ability, family and personal relationships can be better developed. You love nature, are interested in ecological conservation, and engage in relevant work, so that you can achieve good development. If the aspect is not good, one of your parents will die when you are young.