You must have! Beauty nevus of Wangfu Yizi

It is often said that "beauty mole" is a good mole, but the location of mole is also a knowledge. As long as you grow in the right position, you can not only have good luck, but also help your husband's career and bring good luck to their children! Today, let's take a look with Mr. Eiffel to see where the beauty mole can be Wangfu and Yizi! Remember to invite your friends and girlfriends to see who has a good mole of love and career!

1. Meixin: beautiful and kind

Moles are located in the center of the eyebrow, but special attention should be paid to that beauty moles located in the center of the eyebrow must be "red" to be called beauty moles, and black moles are not counted.

2. Lips slant outside and below: double harvest of emotion and career

The mole is located at the oblique outside and below the lip, regardless of left and right. However, special attention should be paid not to grow a mole on the left and right sides, because this is called "bitter life mole", which has the opposite meaning. Because its shape is like two tears, it is unlucky. In ancient times, it was a mole that was not easy to get married. However, if the beauty mole on the lower part of the oblique outside of the lips, it is the intention of Wangfu and Yizi, and his wealth is also very prosperous. If you look closely, many wives of successful people and celebrities have beauty moles located obliquely below their lips.

3. Above lips: Blessed

The mole is located above the lips, which represents the symbol of continuous blessing. Its meaning is like a grain of rice stuck to the mouth and can be touched by sticking out the tongue a little. Therefore, the woman with a mole above the lips is a symbol of blessing. This mole can not only keep her from starving, worry free about food and clothing, but also bring happiness to her husband's family.

4. Corners of the mouth: feeling happy

Mole is located in the corner of the mouth, regardless of the left and right, which is the phase of emotional happiness. On behalf of energetic, love will take the initiative to pursue the favorite object, will bravely express their inner feelings, do not like the shackles of traditional ethics, the concept of love only cares about once owned, do not care whether it can last forever, can get sweet and stable feelings, and there will be no marriage change.

5. Both sides of nose: good luck

Moles above the lips or on both sides of the nose represent a very auspicious omen of good fortune. They can bring great wealth and good marriage. They are very lucky moles.

Baoyu life making method during pregnancy

Expectant mothers who are pregnant and want to have a natural birth can wear a safety buckle during pregnancy. After the baby has a successful birth, they can give the child an emerald safety buckle on the third, ninth and 30th days of the child's birth. This is the "precious jade luck method". I hope children's face is as beautiful as jade, as bold as stone and as healthy as stone.