What body of beauty do 12 constellation men like?


There are thousands of women in the world. Why do some men always look for the same type of women? That's because they always have a favorite woman's figure in their heart?

Breasts and hips: Taurus and Gemini

Taurus and Gemini men who pay attention to sensory enjoyment like women with big hips and big breasts best. They believe that such a woman can be called a woman, so that she can feel a sense of existence, rather than a small steamed bread without a sense of existence.

Skinny type: Sagittarius, Aquarius

Every woman is a beauty in the eyes of Sagittarius men. Basically, she receives all the photos. However, most Sagittarius appreciate skinny girls, which is sexy! Aquarius men with strange thinking also don't take the ordinary way. They have to go the opposite way. If you are a skinny beauty, you can hit the aesthetic nerve of Aquarius.

Symmetrical standard type: Libra, Virgo

Libra, which pursues perfection in everything, is the same as Virgo. Men appreciate women's body. A little more is too fat and a little less is too skinny. It's best to have a symmetrical standard figure, so that they can get into their eyes.

Large chest and no brain: Scorpio and Aries

Scorpio and Aries have strong sexual desire and sexual ability. So women with big breasts and no brains are most popular with them. If women are equipped with a childlike innocent face, don't mention how lethal it is! Scorpio and Aries will love you.

Yimapingchuan type: cancer, Capricorn

Don't think that no one likes women with small breasts. Some people still prefer this mouth. Women with big breasts are easy to be missed. Both stable Capricorn and neurotic cancer men like women with flat breasts. As the saying goes: & ldquo; Not afraid of thieves, but afraid of thieves& rdquo;

Long legged sister type: Pisces, Leo

Pisces loves to dream. He always fantasizes that a beautiful woman with long legs can conquer him. An immortal like Lin Zhiling is what he has always dreamed of. The man of Leo has a good face. His woman has a pair of beautiful legs. Don't mention how proud he is. Even if his altitude is not as high as his girlfriend, Leo's bursting self-confidence can make him hold her down in momentum.