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What body of beauty do 12 constellation men like?

There are thousands of women in the world, why are some men always looking for the same type of woman? That is because they have loved statural beauty in their hearts

Buxom type:Taurus , Gemini

Taurus pay attention to the sensuality of poetry and Gemini men have strong ardor, they like women with big ass and boobs the best. They believed that this kind of women could be called the truly womanly women.

Skinny and thin type: Sagittarius , Aquarius

All kinds of woman are beautiful in Sagittarius men's eyes. However, most of the Sagittarius men appreciate partial skinny little girls, they are more sexy! Aquarius men with weird thinking go the different way, they go against the norm. The thin-type skinny girls could be able to hit Aquarius men's aesthetic nerves.

Symmetry and standard type: Libra , Virgo

Libra and Virgo men pursue the perfect and have the same point of view to appreciate women's figure. They prefer women with standards body shape.

Big chest without wisdom type: Scorpio , Aries

Scorpio and Aries have strong sexual desire and sexual performance. So they prefer women with big chest but without wisdom. They couldn't withstand women with an innocent face of the children.

A wide expanse of flat land type: Cancer , Capricorn

Do not think that no one likes women with small chest, some people prefer this kind of women. Women with big chest are easily remembered by others. The stable Capricorn and sensitive Cancer  all like women with flat chest, which are more safe.

Long-legged sister type: Pisces , Leo

Pisces love to dream to have a long-legged beauty to conquer him, such as ling angel is what he is always dreaming of.  Leo man is sensitive about his reputation, he would be proud to have lover with a pair of long legs, even if he is shorter than his girlfriend. But Leo's self-confidence could allow him hold her.