How to save the hearts of 12 constellation men


If you want to save the heart of an Aries man, you can't bear it. However, don't force him. Aries men have no way to resist women who feel pity for me. However, they don't like women who are very fussy, so they should maintain the virtue of gentleness and never chase hard. It's right for him to apologize to you first. However, don't emphasize that letting him know will disgust him, but find a way to let the male chauvinist himself recall your sweet past and let him repent. How he is sorry can't be separated from you.


Basically, Taurus is still a constellation with a sense of responsibility, and Taurus men are very stubborn, so if they have reached the point where they can resist Chen Shimei's xxx pressure and insist on breaking up, basically, it is very difficult to recover. Generally speaking, Taurus is still a very thoughtful constellation. When they make a decision, it is difficult to drag them back. The only way to resist is to increase their charm, because basically they still pursue sensory stimulation and a very pragmatic constellation.


Gemini men like to be interesting, fresh and love. In addition, the common problem of the wind sign is basically & ldquo; They came to me first;, You should be vigilant when his mobile phone is often not turned on or not in the service area. Gemini men are eloquent. You can enjoy his sweet words and quietly pay attention to the situation. There is no need to tear his face to expose him. In this way, they can only find an excuse for his departure. In fact, they are also very soft hearted and can't help being chased. As long as the person who is always around him at the critical time is you, not your rival, It's not too hard to stabilize him.


Cancer men are nostalgic! You should keep this key point in mind. It's easy to save his heart. Intentionally or unintentionally let him recall all kinds of happy times in the past and let him constantly aftertaste your good. If he feels that he owes you, even at the worst, even if you break up, he will take care of you as much as possible. And cancer is also a sign that doesn't like extremes, so you can't criticize him. In addition, if his mother and family like you very much, you basically win 50%.


Because Leo is the king, if you want to keep your position in his heart, you should make yourself a worthy queen. When you are charming, when he thinks it's dazzling to take you everywhere, he will be more reluctant to give you up. It sounds very superficial? No way, he likes it. Don't take their promises too seriously, especially for young lion men. It's not that he doesn't want to be responsible, but he doesn't think enough about making a commitment.


Virgo men are not really likely to cheat. Because they are very pragmatic, the objects they choose are basically suitable for their long-term partners. Seeing flowers and plants occasionally does not necessarily mean that they will cheat. However, when they began to deny their original decision, the problem became more serious. To keep them, they have to grasp two principles: one is self-examination. Is there anything they don't keep up with their progress, or where they accidentally destroy your perfect image in his mind. Second, in fact, Virgo men are softer than they seem. Try not to let anyone get involved between you.


For Libra men, it's their habit to make excuses. They hate the appearance of inelegant situations, so don't tear your face and pester him and say, you owe me, why did you betray me and so on, which will only make him feel that he should escape you more. However, they don't want to play the role of bad guys, so they generally don't take the initiative to break up, but wait for you to let go first. In addition, they are naturally hesitant. As long as you are determined, be patient, control your temper, keep him used to your water like tenderness, and it's not difficult to pull him back bit by bit.


In fact, if a Scorpio man says it's hard to look back after breaking up. When they love, they love without hesitation, and when they break up, they go without hesitation. Therefore, if you want to pull back their hearts, you should look at the signs at ordinary times. If you wait until he makes up his mind, there is basically no room. Therefore, you must hurry to fight when he is not deeply trapped in each other's trap. Scorpio is actually a very sensory constellation, so improving your attraction to him is the only magic weapon.


Sagittarius men also suffer from the common problem of fire sign: they like flowers and butterflies, like what everyone pays attention to, like the sense of achievement of conquering, like the feeling of being paid attention to, and impulsive. So together, some Sagittarius men who often socialize on romantic occasions have become frequent offenders of extramarital affairs. No way, he is impulsive, so you must calm down. On the one hand, you should calm down and improve yourself. On the other hand, you should calm down and be your little woman. They belong to a family that cherish incense and jade. They should not take a righteous attitude to be a shrew. If they fight hard, he will only be more determined.


For practical, prudent and responsible Capricorn men, physical infidelity does not mean that he will break up with you. However, if they have signs of wanting to break up, sisters should be careful. If they want to break up, most of them are that your relationship has almost reached the point where you have to break up. Therefore, at this time, if you want to restore your relationship, I'm afraid you have to do some self-examination first. Do you have something to change? In addition, there is a little trick: they are also very nostalgic.


As long as you stay with Aquarius for a long time, people will know that Aquarius men are still afraid of their wives. However, Aquarius men love to play and mature very slowly. They are ready to move every time they encounter something new that looks interesting. When he begins to be more and more impatient with you and deliberately find fault with you, you should pay attention, because when he loves you, he will tolerate everything about you. Aquarius man likes to find a soul mate, so the key point is to make him believe that you are the soul mate who knows him best. No one will know him better except you.


In fact, romantic Pisces is not as love first as you think. Basically, they are in real time. They are still very pragmatic. They belong to the school of thinking more and taking less action. Pisces men, in particular, are generally too lazy to cheat unless they are sure that the other boat is safe. However, once the other party adhered to him and seduced him, he swam past in a daze. However, Pisces man's heart is quite soft. He doesn't have to cry, make trouble and hang himself. As long as he is a little soft and sticky, he will secretly cut off his contacts with your rival. In the end, you will be the winner.