The jealous performance of 12 constellation men

All along, we all feel that only women would envy, but men actually are envious too, and they prefer to find some strange way to show it, so that people could not see through. Let's make an inventory of the act when 12 constellation male envy!

Aries Male: Racing

Aries male like to compete against others, if you gave the girl a bunch of roses, Aries male would send her a big bunch of roses. If you sent her a diamond, Aries male would try all best to buy a more expensive diamond. Aries male regard this race as defending a sense of honor, and therefore in the end Aries male would forget they're jealous.

Taurus Male: Manic or Depressive

Taurus men would have two kinds of performances. One type would be in a towering rage, and lift table directly, such Taurus male could not have very good temper, usually they might look very stable, but acturally they would be very naive psychology. The other type would not be too passionate crazily. They might suspect the other, feel the other had problems. They could not understand why the lovers would accept someone else's friendship. Some Taurus would break up with lover directly. Regardless of what kind of performance, Taurus men are very crazy.

Gemini Male: Entanglement

Have you ever been entangled by Gemini male? So most of that is you entangled him. Gemini male would be jealous too, but a lot of girls are not confident, do not know how to expose their own temperament, so they would suffer losses only. You'd better to be more attractive to let Gemini male fall in love. Gemini Male would be more interested in you if more people were chasing you. Gemini male would be very tangly if they envy like wild guesses.

Cancer Male: Plaintive and Complaining

Cancer male also love to be jealous, but they would have a strong sense of crisis in jealousy , so Cancer male would often express that they're "threatened" rather than their own bad mood firstly. If Cancer male were plaintive and complaining, which means they are jealous.

Leo Male: Get angry and Ignore people

Leo Male like to get angry and ignore people at the same time, and they would certainly get angry in jealousy. This constellation men have very serious sense of sovereignty, and regard  girlfriend as personal belongs, they would completely forbid others to touch. The most common scenario is that the Leo male would be at odds with lover. You might dislike this kind of men, but this is just the act in jealousy.

Virgo Male: Cynicism or Self-mutilation

Virgo Male like to use cynicism to vent their grievances, but would also like to speak sour words to be jealous to you. But if they have not completely get you, they would not dare to openly ridicule you, but would drink secretly and engage in decadence. Some relatively immature Virgo male would also make a self-destructive to escape everything. But they would not be the case after getting mature.

Libra Male: Racing and Dressing Up

Libra Male like to dress up, this constellation of people pursue a sense of temperament, but also pursue "natural beauty." Jealous Libra male would like to compete,with rival in love like Aries in different ways. Libra Male would dress up more swellish and more handsome, but also would make lover know that they are liked by many people. Of course, if you sent her a bouquet, Libra Male would go with her to see a romantic movie. In short they would use "Realm of Conscience" to show jealousy.

Scorpio Male:A life-and-death struggle

Scorpio men and women are prone to take a life-and-death struggle, especially when they are jealous extremely. I once heard of a true story of a Scorpio man. His girlfriend was at abroad, the woman had an affair, then he rushed straight to go abroad, sent her last message: I have a machete inside my suitcase. The woman was too afraid to go out. In fact the life-and-death struggle of Scorpio is often just a threat to the other, but would rarely actually go to practice. So if Scorpio were jealous, they would say many threatening words.

Sagittarius Male: Paranoia

The reason that Sagittarius Male like to pursue pizazz is because they are too paranoid. Sagittarius Male would carry a torch forever crazily if they loved someone. It would be quite frightening, and they would be ready to fight with a rival. They would badger with you crazily, shout to fight with rival and ask you if you've still loved them.

Capricorn Male: Become Investigators

Capricorn men investigations attribute are not really weak, but they tend to regard the skills to take to do business, and put little heart in the woman, but the jealous Capricorn men would become different. The jealous Capricorn men would be incomprehensible, and would beome demonic presence instantly. They would not tell you they're jealous, but would privately ask about rival's property, status to find the other's strengths, and then would push them to move upward crazily, they would like to surpass the other. Sadly, they would not go to coax the girls firstly.

Aquarius Male: Ignore You

Aquarius male would ignore you completely if they're jealous. Aquarius male would pretend to have nothing wrong, but would not pick up your telephone nor respond to your information, and disappear. They would come back for you with pretending to have nothing wrong.

Pisces Male: Self-mutilation

Pisces men love to play role of "self-mutilation for love". They would go out to drink heavily and smoke effeminately, run like mad on the road, pierce the ears, tattoo, stay up. This self-mutilation would give them a sense of sublimation, make them feel unique.