What's the meaning of the mole on the neck


From the perspective of philology, most moles on people have a certain meaning, which will more or less affect people's luck. As for good or bad, it depends on the good or bad luck of moles and their location. Generally speaking, moles are born in the hidden part of the human body (such as the invisible part of the body) and are more fierce in the visible part (such as the visible part of the face, hands and so on). And the nevus is also divided into auspicious nevus and evil nevus. The color is black or vermilion, slightly protruding, and the one with no hair on it is auspicious nevus; The color is grayish brown, dull, flat but not convex. If there is no hair on it, it is an evil mole.

The neck is connected to the head and the body. It is full of nerves and blood vessels. It is an important part of the human body. It is called & ldquo; Neck & rdquo; (front of neck) and & ldquo; Item & rdquo; (behind the neck) controls people's thoughts and actions. Therefore, the quality of the neck directly affects people's thoughts and behaviors, and naturally affects a person's fortune. Let's see what a mole on your neck means.

There is a mole in the front of the neck

The photo book said that there was a mole in front of his neck. In other words, people with moles in front of their necks lack independent ideas and are easy to be bewitched by villains, so they fall into the trap of others; Especially in the relationship between men and women, it is easy to be led by the opposite sex and be hurt. However, there are differences in different parts:

1. There is a mole in the middle of the neck

If there is a lucky mole in the middle of the neck, it is a symbol of auspiciousness, indicating that he has a rich life and good fortune. If he takes the road of official career, he may prosper in the future. However, if it is an evil mole, the degree of wealth will be greatly reduced, and he is a high-profile person. He likes to show off when he has money, which is easy to cause trouble for himself, so he needs special attention.

2. There is a mole on the left side of the neck

A mole on the left side of the neck is not auspicious. If it is auspicious, it indicates that he is smart and has a certain talent in art; If it is an evil mole, it is very fierce. It is easy to lose talent, be suppressed by others everywhere, be emotionally deceived, and life is not smooth.

3. There is a mole on the right side of the neck

There is an auspicious mole on the right side of the neck. In order to enjoy the mole of wealth, even if you don't have much money, you will be helped, and you don't lack money to spend; If it is an evil mole, it is high-profile and likes to show itself. Therefore, it is easy to attract villains' jealousy and calculation, and often suffer for others.

There are moles on the back of the neck

The back of the neck is the neck. There are moles and backers behind the neck. He is introverted, low-key, rich and doesn't like to be exposed. He is easy to be helped by noble people. After middle age, his career gradually moves towards success. A woman with a Ji mole on the back of her neck is a symbol of Wangfu. Such a woman is smart and beautiful, which can help her husband achieve his career. However, if the mole grows in the middle of the back of the neck, it is a bitter mole, indicating that it is easy to encounter emotional setbacks. However, as long as it can bite its teeth and survive, it will eventually get a good marriage and live a happy marriage life.