What is the meaning of the mole on the foot

From the perspective of physiognomy, moles are a major symbol affecting personal fortune. Through moles in different parts, we can see a person's character and destiny. Generally speaking, moles are born in the hidden part of the human body (such as the invisible part of the body) and are more fierce in the visible part (such as the visible part of the face, hands and so on). At the same time, the nevus is also divided into auspicious nevus and evil nevus. The color is black or vermilion, slightly protruding, and the one with no hair on it is auspicious nevus; The color is grayish brown, dull, flat but not convex. If there is no hair on it, it is an evil mole. Moreover, moles in different parts also have different auspicious and ominous meanings. Let's introduce the meaning of moles growing on feet.

1. Moles on the instep: moles on the instep are called & ldquo; Nevus on both feet & rdquo;, Such a person toils all his life, often running around and on the run. Such a human life can not be said to be bad. On the other hand, it can be said to be well-informed.

2. Mole on toe

  • Moles on the feet and thumbs: moles on the feet and thumbs are famous and powerful. Because the thumb is in power, the person who has moles on the feet and thumbs is a leading talent. However, if there is a mole on the side of the distal segment of the thumb close to the second toe, it is called & ldquo; It's hard to stretch a mole & rdquo;, Such people are easily excluded by their peers and villains in their career, or often bullied by their colleagues' spouses. They lack the ability to develop and can not be promoted smoothly. Therefore, they are easy to be depressed and difficult to achieve their ambition in their life.
  • There is a mole between the thumb and the second toe: it represents excessive liver qi, easy to have liver and gallbladder diseases, irritable temper, poor career and wealth, easy to be robbed of credit by peers or colleagues, and easy to suffer setbacks emotionally.
  • Moles on the lateral end of the middle finger: there are moles here, which represent poor spleen and stomach qi. People will become lazy, lack patience, poor financial luck, unsatisfactory interpersonal relations, and poor living environment and situation.
  • Mole on the ring finger of the foot: this kind of people belong to a typical hardworking life, but they are ambitious, aspire to a foreign land, run around all their life, and can also get wealth.
  • Moles on the back of toes: such people are dull, do not work actively, always have a sense of dependence, don't want to think too much about everything, and be kind to others everywhere.

3. Heel long nevus: heel long auspicious nevus, is the life of wealth and good life; But if it is an evil mole, it represents continuous bad luck, and the head meets black. In short, it is transportation stagnation, which is difficult to solve the dilemma!

4. Moles on the ankles: people with long ankles will think of others all their life. They are straightforward and persistent in feelings, but the past is contrary to their wishes and can't control the development of feelings.

5. Moles on the soles of the feet: people with moles on the soles of the feet usually have heavy post horses and have many opportunities to travel around the world or travel abroad. Of course, moles grow in different parts of the sole of the foot, and there are specific implications.

  • If the mole grows in the center of the foot, it is a sign of wealth and honor. Such people can be the head of the place, command one side, and rank among the best.
  • If the mole grows in the toes, it means that the person is smart, has special talents and talents, but has no fixed place to live, or does not have a stable career. He can get the support and help of his subordinates and friends, but he has to do everything himself. He will do something in his career in the future and pay more hardships than ordinary people. However, such people are usually very rich and their money is not easy to flow out.
  • If the mole grows on the sole of the foot, it means that the person has reputation and power. He will engage in industries that often walk or go out, such as boating, transportation, etc.