What's the meaning of the mole on the back

Nevus is a sign with congenital and acquired factors. Scientifically speaking, this is a manifestation of melanin deposition, but from the perspective of facies, it is also a major sign of personal fortune. Nevus is divided into auspicious nevus and evil nevus. The color is black or vermilion, slightly protruding, and those with no hair on them are auspicious nevus; The color is grayish brown, dull, flat but not convex. If there is no hair on it, it is an evil mole. And moles in different parts also have different auspicious and ominous meanings. Let's introduce the meaning of moles growing on the back.

In nevus morphology, most of the moles on the back are auspicious. Some represent wealth, some represent longevity, and some represent literary talent. Let's have a look.

  • The mole grows on the shoulder blade of the back and can be easily touched with both hands. People with such moles, both men and women, have grandparents who can rely on. They have a lot of housing real estate and a certain social status. The most important thing is to be carefree and carefree all their life.
  • This kind of nevus is relatively special. It is not one, but there are three consecutive nevus at the junction of the back, neck and shoulder. People with this mole, both men and women, have been smart and studious since childhood, outstanding literary talent, especially chivalrous and courageous, not afraid of hardship, and respected all their lives.
  • This mole grows in the upper part of the body next to the spine. The spine belongs to the governor's vein, which is the ocean of Yang pulse. In life, it represents career and husband. There are moles on a woman's back, which represents career twists and turns. There are ups and downs on the road of love. Once there are moles here, it represents a different marriage. Marrying an old man or a distant man belongs to Uncle control. In addition, people with this nevus have a weak respiratory system, which is easy to leave sequelae after recovery, and may also be tortured by chronic diseases. Pay attention to take care of your body.
  • This mole grows at the lowest end of the right shoulder blade of the back close to the spine. People with this mole, both men and women, are lucky. I am famous for being rich, and both movable and real estate operations are profitable.
  • This mole grows in the middle of the back spine. People with this mole, both men and women, are rich and noble. If parents are healthy, they can get their parents' protection and inherit their ancestral inheritance when they are young; After adulthood, you can have a successful career and unlimited future; In his old age, he can enjoy the blessings of his children and grandchildren.
  • Moles that grow on the edge of the back are called & ldquo; Bad luck nevus & rdquo;, The family luck of people with this mole is not very smooth, and they will have disputes with their families. After middle age, sexual desire decreases, which will cause some family contradictions. Financial luck is good. If you keep cautious, you will have a great harvest. In addition, there is a mole on the left side of the back, which is easy to have nephropathy, and there is a mole on the right side of the back. The digestive system is weak. We should pay attention to diet at ordinary times.
  • Moles growing in the lower part of the spine are called & ldquo; Peach blossom nevus & rdquo;, People with this nevus usually have a dual personality. A good color of the nevus represents their understanding, but they are not good at expression. If the color of the mole is not good, it means that the character will affect life. Many times, it is not understood by others, and sometimes it seems too dull. In short, the heterosexual relationship will not be particularly good, but the work is still relatively smooth. The digestive system is weak, which will damage other internal organs.
  • The mole on the back and waist is a & ldquo; Moles & rdquo;, It has something to do with our saving ability. People with moles here are naturally suitable for businessmen. They have the ability to collect money, are good at managing money, have a warm working attitude, down-to-earth, have strong self-control, can work calmly, not frivolous and intelligent.
  • This mole grows directly behind the navel. People with this mole, both men and women, are healthy and long-lived. He is kind-hearted, helpful, well-informed and popular. The older he is, the more blessed he is. His wife and son are filial and respected.
  • The position of the nevus in the caudal vertebra is related to our blessings. The nevus here represents that we can enjoy ready-made benefits, inherit family property or get financial support from our elders. He is strong, talented, literate and has a unique vision. In today's society, if you are in politics, you can have a good development in your official career; If you learn from literature, you may become a well-known writer or thinker.

Warm tip: the good or bad fortune of a person's life needs a comprehensive analysis, including many aspects. You don't need to only pay attention to the appearance of nevus, but just take it as a reference for life. If you disrupt your daily life because of the quality of a mole, it will be a little more than worth the loss. If there is something wrong with your destiny, you should find the reason from yourself. Don't complain. Just look for the benefits of others, open the road to heaven, admit your mistakes and close the door to hell.