What is the Implication of a Mole on the Nose?

In Physiognomy, moles on different parts have certain implications, some are lucky and some are sinister. Generally speaking, moles on the invisible place of human body are good, and on the visible place (such as face, hand, etc.) of human body are bad. Moreover, moles can be divided into two kinds: auspicious moles and malignant moles, the color of which is black or vermilion, slightly protruding, and the ones on which there are hair, are auspicious moles. the color of which is gray-brown, dull, flat but not protruding, and the ones on which there is nothing are malignant nevus. So what is the implication of nasal moles?

The moles on the root of the nose is not a symbol of good luck. It usually means that your marriage is not stable, your heart is not functioning well, your mind is not broad enough, and you are prone to hate for trifles, and you are often resentful.

Moles on the bridge of the nose are usually not auspicious moles, which can reduce the body's resistance to disease. Such people should pay special attention to the living environment, work and rest, diet and other aspects, otherwise they are prone to disease.

  • A means that they have problems in their decision-making ability, and they often have fears in their hearts. They always feel that someone has to grasp themselves, and their marriage and feelings often lose opportunities. They are susceptible to diseases such as cholecystitis.
  • B stands for those who think poorly and think poorly. They are apt to lose sight of one another in doing things. They are apt to have a third party in their marriage and emotional life. They are prone to cirrhosis and other diseases.

The nose wing represents a person's treasury. If there are moles here, it means that people are prone to break money, leak money, or be robbed of money by other people's knives. It also means that they have weak lungs, no sense of emotional security, unstable marriage or change. People with such nevus should not put too much cash in their hands to avoid inadvertently running out. The best way to keep money is to deposit it in the bank and bring it up when needed.

Moles on the nose, which is also a symbol of breaking money, and feelings are not too stable, easy to be involved by a third party, so that feelings or marriage crisis, change. In addition, the spleen and stomach of people with moles on the tip of nose is not very good, so we need to pay more attention to diet.