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What moles on the back of body are behalf of wealth and good fortune?

According to the theory of physiognomy mole, moles in the back are mostly lucky, and some represent riches and honor, and some represent longevity, some represent literary ......Let's take a look at these auspicious good moles are in what part of back.

First. Mole in the middle of vertebral column represents a great future

People with mole in the middle of vertebral column are rich and honorable. They can obtain the blessing of their parents, and inherit ancestral property. They can have a successful career in adult life and a great future. They also can enjoy the blessed with many children in old age.

Second. Mole in the lower end of the right scapula represents good wealth

People with mole in the lower end of the right scapula can have wide open wealth road. They will be famous for riches, and can profitable in both movable and immovable property operations.

Third. Mole in the connecting point of neck and shoulder represents outstanding literary talent

This mole is rather special, not one, but there are three consecutive moles  in the connecting point of neck and shoulder. Such people are smart, studious in childhood, have outstanding literary talent, especially those with chivalrous, despite the difficulties, and will be admired by others.

Fourth. Mole in the caudal represents extraordinary scholarship

People with mole in the caudal are very strong, they have extraordinary scholarship, are well versed in both polite letters and martial arts. They have unique vision. In today's society, they can have a very good development in politics, also they can become a famous writer or thinker too.

Fifth. Mole behind the navel represents health and longevity

People with mole behind the navel are the healthy and longevial people. They are kind-hearted, helpful, knowledgeable, popular, and the older the more blessed. They can have good wife and children. They will win the respect of all.

Reminder: The fortune of whole life needs a comprehensive analysis, which includes many aspects, do not only focus on the mole phase, you'd better regard mole as a reference in your life. Do not disrupt your daily life due to a mole.