What moles on the back of body are behalf of wealth and good fortune?


According to the theory of nevus morphology, most moles on the back are auspicious, some represent wealth, some represent longevity, and some represent literary grace.

There is a mole in the middle of the spine, with unlimited future

This mole grows in the middle of the back spine. People with this mole, both men and women, are rich and noble. When you are young, you can get the protection of your parents and inherit your ancestral inheritance; After adulthood, you can have a successful career and unlimited future; In his old age, he can enjoy the blessings of his children and grandchildren.

There is a mole at the lower end of the right scapula, which is prosperous

This mole grows at the lowest end of the right shoulder blade of the back close to the spine. People with this mole, both men and women, are lucky. I am famous for being rich, and both movable and real estate operations are profitable.

There are moles on the neck and shoulder, with outstanding literary talent

This kind of nevus is relatively special. It is not one, but there are three consecutive nevus at the junction of the back, neck and shoulder. People with this mole, both men and women, have been smart and studious since childhood, outstanding literary talent, especially chivalrous and courageous, not afraid of hardship, and respected all their lives.

Only when there is a mole in the caudal vertebra can we learn from others

This mole grows in the human caudal vertebra. People with this mole are strong and strong. They can learn people, be able to write and fight, and have unique vision. In today's society, if you are in politics, you can have a good development in your official career; If you learn from literature, you may become a well-known writer or thinker.

There are moles behind the navel, which is healthy and long-lived

This mole grows directly behind the navel. People with this mole, both men and women, are healthy and long-lived. He is kind-hearted, helpful, well-informed and popular. The older he is, the more blessed he is. His wife and son are filial and respected.

Reminder: the good or bad fortune of a person's life needs a comprehensive analysis, including many aspects. You don't need to only pay attention to the mole phase, but just take it as a reference for life. If you disrupt your daily life because of the quality of a mole, it will be a little more than worth the loss.