How to resolve the evil moles on body?


Mole of poor financial management

If there is a mole near the shoulder of the clavicle, it means that the financial management is poor at ordinary times. If you don't pay attention to guarding the Treasury, you will be poor in your old age.

Solution: all male and female friends with this mole should be careful about your money, especially careful investment.

Interpersonal tension nevus

If there is a mole between two breasts, it is a mole of interpersonal tension, which is also called & ldquo; Wolf heart dog lung nevus & rdquo;, The mole represents that you have a bad relationship and are often misunderstood or framed. Of course, some ill intentioned people will give you an idea, especially if women have this mole, they will encounter peach blossom robbery emotionally.

Solution: you don't need to click this mole, just wear your life Buddha around your neck to change your & ldquo; Nevus & rdquo;.

Trouble ridden mole

If you lift your foot and find that there is a mole on your heel, and the color is black, you should be careful, because this mole indicates that you will have trouble without interruption and do things twice as much as the old.

Solution: This mole can be clicked. Women can also paint the color suitable for your five elements on your toenails, while men had better click it. Of course, if you wear socks for years, the mole is OK.

Emotional mole

If a person has a mole on the middle side behind his neck, it means that his or her emotional relationship is not interrupted. He or she may be distracted or deceived by the opposite sex, and there is often a crisis of emotion or marriage.

Solution: if there is this mole, never point to it, otherwise your life's emotional marriage will be worse. The simplest solution is to wear obscene clothes and underwear suitable for your own color according to your own five elements of destiny. Complex solutions vary from person to person.

Orphan nevus

The mole is usually in your rear arm. Note: male left, female right. If you are a woman with a mole on the back arm of your right hand and a man with a mole on the back arm of your left hand, it means that you will be orphaned. That is to say, the marriage relationship is poor, and even the six parent relationship is not so good. For some people, it is really possible to die alone.

Solution: This mole can't be clicked, but can only be resolved. The simplest way is to tie a red line on the hand where the mole is located.

In particular, I would like to remind my friends that good or bad luck and smooth emotional marriage are actually a comprehensive project. In other words, even if you don't have these moles, you may have trouble. On the contrary, even if you have these moles, you can resolve them properly and pay attention to regulating your own residential Feng Shui and office feng shui, then bad luck will be far away from you, And good luck will come frequently.