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How to resolve the evil moles on body?

First. Poor financial management of mole

If there is mole in the clavicle near the shoulder, which means the poor financial management. If you do not pay attention to keep a good treasury, you may live a poverty life in old age.

Resolve method: If you have such mole, you'd better pay attention to your money in hand, be carefully of the investment.

Second. Tense interpersonal of mole

If there is a mole between the two breasts, which means the tense interpersonal, which is also called "ungrateful mole" in physiognomy, this mole represents bad interpersonal, you may be always misunderstood or framed. Of course some people may harbor malicious intentions to you. Especially if women have this mole, they will encounter love disaster emotionally.

Resolve method: Do not point this mole, you can wear your natal Buddha in the neck to change your fortune.

Third. Be burdened with troubles of mole

If there is a black mole on your heels, which means that you have to be cautious, because this mole in physiognomy represents that you would have interruptted troubles, and get half the result with twice the effort.

Resolve method: You can get rid of this mole, women can also paint the color fit your numerology five elements on your toenails, and it is best for men to get rid of. Of course, if you wear socks over the years, this mole is harmless to you.

Fourth. Emotional involvement of mole

If there is a mole in the middle of your back neck, which means that you will have interrupted emotional connection. You may be unloyal or your lover cheated you, you tend to have emotional or marital crisis.

Resolve method: If you have such mole, you must not get rid of it, otherwise your feelings an marriage will be worse for whole life. The easiest way to resolve is to wear suitable clothes according to your five elements. Sophisticated methods depend on different individuals.

Fifth. The orphan and widow of mole

The mole is usually in your postbrachium, pay attention: male is left and female is right. If you are a woman and have a mole in your postbrachium, which means that you might become orphan or widow and ill luck in love and marriage. Even relatives may not have good relationship with you. Some people may even die alone.

Resolve method: You must not get rid of this mole, you can only resolve it. The easiest way is to tie a red line in the hands.

In particular, the fortune is good or bad, love and marriages are successful is an integrated project indeed. In other words, even you do not have these moles, you may also have trouble. On the contrary, even you have these moles, but you can resolve properly, but also pay attention to adjust your home and office fengshui, then bad luck will be very far away from you, and good luck will come to you again and again.