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Who would be loyal to love by Physiognomy


People in a beautiful love hope to be together forever, and never to be separated, but in reality some people are unable to do so, some people are just dreaming. People get together because of fate. Fate plays an important role. However, if you could observe about the other's physiognomy carefully in looking for lover, and would try to select lover with following conditions, then your love would be more likely to have protection. Let's look at people with what physiognomy would be loyal to love.

First. The distance between the eyebrows

People with wide distance between the eyebrows would not haggle over every ounce in normal times. They would treat each other sincerely as long as two people shared weal and woe mutually. Even if the other half is not so perfect, they would not mind too much. They would be able to accommodate the other's shortcomings and flaws, very loyal to love.

Second. Big and clear eyes

People with big, clear and lighting eyes are unsophisticated, innocent and cheerful. They dislike to play trick to friends and lovers, but would treat them sincerely. These people would have no high demands on marriage or love life, they would not be picky to lover. They would love spouse forever once falling in love. Even if the lover might not be very good on their own, they would not regret and keep loyalty to love.

Third. The full Couples Palace

We call the ending of eyes in physiognomy as Jianmen and Couples Palace, which is the part to reflect the marriage relationship. People with full couple palace would care heavily about love, especially would be faithful to friends around. They are worth entrust.

Fourth. The straight nasal type 

Straight nose generally refers to the full nosewing, very straight nose, and round Shangen. Such a person could have strong self-confidence, and would be very noble and honest. They would care about people around very much, and would never be selfish in terms of money. They would also be considerate of the people around.  At the same time this kind of person would be very loyal to love, and would never cheat lover in the emotions.

Fifth. Big ears and thick beads earlobe

People with big ears and thick beads earlobe would have good luck in wealth, business operation, and making friends, they would be very lucky. At the same time, they would also be very charitable in dealing with others and think a lot for others. They would be especially very considerate for lovers, and would be loyal in emotions.

Sixth. The plump slave palace

The chin in physiognomy is called the slave palace, which is on behalf of governing capability. People with plump slave palace would be very faithful, and they would have many unquestioning obediences. Also they would be open and above board with strong leadership skills.  These people would be usually very honest and very responsible for love.

Seventh. The square face

The so-called square face refers to the huge fleshy face, square forehead, prominent cheek bones and square shaped face. People with these facial features would be broad-minded, and care about feelings, have sense of obligation and charity, love to make friends. They would help friendsto get through when they're in trouble. And these people would be better for relatives and lovers, and take care of the other half and very loyal in love.