Scepter King

Scepter King

Deck interpretation

The scepter king is the manager of the scepter world. The scepter represents power, the working environment and the career. Therefore, the scepter king is often an active manager, with a certain status, an authoritative role, a leader, a person who enthusiastically participates in leading the group, a person who has a successful career and is down-to-earth. The scene of the scepter king is in the hot desert. There is a salamander on the ground beside the scepter king. It is a kind of animal that plans and then moves. It shows the scepter King's attitude and methods in dealing with the world. What he does is carefully considered. Therefore, the scepter King participates his will into the social environment and groups through action and guidance.

Interpretation of brand meaning

The king wore an orange robe and a bright yellow cloak. The scepter in his hand sprouted. The golden crown also had the shape of leaves, bringing him full of vitality and vigor. The cloak and the back of the chair were full of salamander totem, galloping and spitting. Holding the scepter, he opened his cloak and leaned his upper body forward slightly. He seemed to be ready to take action. His eyes penetrated the scepter in front of him and looked into the distance. His eyes showed great ambition. The scepter King belongs to the land of fire, symbolizing the power of self-regulation and success. The earth element represents firm faith and ideas. The king wears gorgeous clothes. The orange robe and bright yellow cloak represent enthusiasm and self-confidence. The scepter king has a distinctive personality, leadership and good organization and management ability. The salamander totem is connected from head to tail, forming a perfect circle: he is harmonious, calm and has rich life wisdom. The scepter king has a sunny personality, works steadily, and has rich life experience. The king has a calm and resolute character with his feet on the solid white floor. When facing challenges, he knows how to plan in advance and then take action. He can also make appropriate handling, and can create effective solutions.

In terms of money, career and feelings, they all hold a firm attitude and are full of confidence, but they do not know how to let go. The king's feet, stepping out of the robe, are honest, positive and frank. The body did not lean against the back of the chair, and the upper body slightly leaned forward, as if sitting up, willing to accept challenges, act decisively, hate mud with water, and speak directly. The salamander on the ground symbolizes the result of hard work. As long as you put your mind into it, you can get the same return. The king looked into the distance, which meant that he was sometimes too demanding of himself. The king wears a golden crown to represent authority and majesty. The lion totem on the back of the chair and neck reveals abundant vitality and the ability to strategize. The king's side sitting posture means that when facing challenges, he will not give orders and will not directly face conflicts. Instead, he will regulate details, reconcile interpersonal relationships and solve problems. The scepter king has a firm personality, knows how to keep flexible, and will not adhere to his own views, but is easy to ignore the feelings of emotional objects.

Positive meaning

  • An educated person.
  • A good father.
  • Have a saintly attitude.
  • Have determination and ability.
  • Be honest and have a bosom friend.

King of wands are creative, inspiring, powerful, charismatic and bold. These are the typical positive characteristics of the scepter. They are the most primitive samples of the vibrant fire element, and also reflect the king's character. Kings are active, direct and outgoing. They want to influence the world through the power of their personality traits.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: you like the challenging love. You should be lively and happy. You are an enviable couple! Get along with your lover, you might as well do more romantic things!
  • Wealth: you are good at making money and know how to make money with money. You will have considerable wealth. Real estate, stocks, futures and bonds are all the directions you can consider investing in!
  • Career: you are strong and somewhat arbitrary. You are very frank with people. You are suitable for sales or other work with clear goals. Your strong and self-discipline personality will certainly have good performance!
  • Health: you are a strong person, so you don't have to worry about your health. You should keep exercising and try to eat less high cholesterol food in your diet, so that you will be healthier!

Inverse meaning

  • Too strict, too demanding.
  • be a law onto oneself.
  • Arrogant attitude.
  • Love face leads to failure.

The reversed Scepter king has poor management ability, uses his power incorrectly, cannot take people, and the group he leads cannot move forward, or abuses his power. The scepter used is a stick to beat people. It uses its own power and position to repair subordinates, regardless of the opinions of subordinates and others. It may also be that the proposal can not obtain the support of superiors, and the work done is not affirmed. The reversed Scepter king also means that he does not have enough ability to improve the current situation, but he is also looking for new problems to make him unable to solve. He is a little over expanding his ability.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: between you, you are afraid to make a commitment and do not want to be responsible for it. This is very dangerous. You must make up your mind for your relationship before you can have a stable love!
  • Wealth: your current financial situation is mediocre. You should try to avoid spending too much time groping. It is recommended to go to a financial consultant. I believe there will be gains!
  • Career: your current work situation is a little bad. Maybe it is because of lack of self-discipline and little planning for work that you can get half the result with half the effort. Believe that you are smart, you must know what to do!
  • Health: your energy is low now. You need to cultivate your physical strength and energy through rest and gentle leisure activities. You can also supplement nutrition from your diet!