Holy Grail King

Holy Grail King


An honest and kind-hearted man is easy to make hasty decisions, so he is not a person to rely on, and don't expect to get useful advice from him.

Deck interpretation

The king sat on his throne in the middle of the turbulent sea. A fish jumped out of the sea on the left and a sailboat on the right, symbolizing the emergence of the subconscious. His inner robe is blue representing the water element, and a fish shaped necklace is hung on his chest, symbolizing imagination or creativity. In his left hand, he held the staff symbolizing power, and in his right hand, he held the Holy Grail. He was the only one in the Holy Grail family who did not look at the Holy Grail, suggesting that he could not be completely immersed in the characteristics of the Holy Grail. Moreover, although he was in the middle of the sea, he did not touch the water, which also symbolized that to some extent, he must draw a clear line from his emotional and creative nature to conform to the leadership image. At the same time, the Holy Grail king also represents calmness, wisdom and tact.

Interpretation of brand meaning

This card mostly implies a man with excellent intuition and determination. Of course, this also refers to an ordinary person or a woman with the same ability as a man. The intuitive power, creativity and imagination in the element of water, coupled with good decision-making power, make the appearance of this card fully determine that the road to success is easy and easy. In this card, the Holy Grail king holds a holy grail, indicating that the Holy Grail king can master his own thinking and creativity, and can use it flexibly. In some cases, this card also represents a kind of sharing, but such sharing is conditional exchange sharing. The Holy Grail king also represents understanding the needs of others and using this ability to make yourself learn new things and increase experience faster.

Positive meaning

  • He is well-informed and respected.
  • An expert in a certain field has made outstanding achievements in a certain field.
  • Be creative and always think about what people don't think.
  • He is a fair and reliable man.

The Holy Grail king knows how to manage emotions. Emotions are well managed. The Holy Grail king is often easy to get close to. He has a warm and warm feeling, a mature emotional attitude, a sense of responsibility, knows about human relations accidents and dealing with people, makes people feel at ease, and warms up the role of a man. On the other hand, the Holy Grail country * has rich emotional experience and profound city government. The role of the Holy Grail King often appears as the role of an elder. It has a kind of care and concern for the younger generation. It is kind and friendly, with high EQ and affinity. It is worth noting that peach blossom appears. This card may be a man with a family. The scene of the Holy Grail king is sailing on the shining sea and traveling around. It is quite experienced, and the fish jumping out of the sea also symbolizes the vitality of emotion, with emotional diversity and creativity.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: this relationship is full of fun for both parties. It is gained through mutual communication. Understanding the importance of communication leads to the benefits of communication. To some extent, the appearance of this card also describes that both parties are sharing each other's feelings and past experiences. This card also describes a family relationship most of the time, Or there is already a family life or a family like feeling between the two parties.
  • Wealth: the job you are suitable for will not bring you much wealth, but you can make good use of this money to invest and manage money. You can also get satisfaction from it!
  • Career: Although I am in a boring and restricted career, my internal creativity and imagination have never stopped. I may even write articles or draw pictures in my spare time. From the perspective of my own company and personal studio, there is a hint of maintaining the status quo and slowly stepping into success.
  • Appearance: creative you, don't limit your clothes, but try different styles of clothes!
  • Health: your body is very healthy, your mental state and physical strength are very good. Don't forget the importance of exercise. Drink more water when you are free!

Inverse meaning

  • It's disgusting to be inconsistent.
  • Misbehaving, lacking a sense of morality, and pursuing fame and wealth by unscrupulous means.
  • Face losses.

The inverse Holy Grail king is not suitable for emotional use, and often has emotional bias, eccentric state, or abusing emotion to play with others. For example, an old man who wants to cross the line in his heart, and has body contact that is inappropriate and inconsistent with the relationship state, which makes him feel sick. Moreover, such a role's social state is complex to a certain extent, which increases his purpose to people and has other plans.

The reversed Holy Grail king has a negative feeling, a distrust of his imagination and creativity, resulting in self isolation. However, he is not confident in his external ability and bold enough in his actions, resulting in a back door idea. At some times, unscrupulous means will also occur. On the other hand, This card also means that you are looking for a way to get rid of your self bondage. Maybe you can ask for help from outside forces or find ways to save yourself. Although it may not work so quickly, you will still work hard.

The meaning of each level of life

  • Love: the journey of love seems a little difficult. Generally speaking, the reverse Holy Grail king card mostly means that the communication between the two sides has a problem, making their hearts unable to effectively connect with each other. On the other hand, there is a problem between the two sides because one of them can't let go of the past experience.
  • Wealth: your wealth will come with your work achievements. Now is a transitional period. You must be patient, make good use of your existing money and make good planning!
  • Career: I can't let go of some things too much, but let myself pay too much attention and find ways to maintain them, resulting in my own wrong judgment. If you start your own business or work in a personal studio, you often lose some opportunities because of wrong judgment.
  • Appearance: you can change your hair style, but also change your mood and ideas!
  • Health: Recently, we should prevent diseases such as colds, which may cause other complications. In terms of diet, we should also pay attention to balanced nutrition, so as to have a healthy body!