What are the Implications of Moles on Shoulders

Everyone will have moles more or less, but the location, size and color of each mole will be different. From the perspective of facial science, most of the moles on the human body have a certain moral meaning, and the meaning of growing in different parts will also be different. For example, the long moles on the ear represents good fortune, and the moles on the foot represents hard work and so on. In addition, moles can be divided into two kinds: auspicious moles and malignant moles, the color of which is black or vermilion, slightly protruding, and the one on which is mild is auspicious moles; the color of which is gray-brown, dull, flat but not convex, and the one on which is mild is malignant moles. Now let's see what a mole on the shoulder represents.

I. Moles on shoulder top

The people whose top of shoulder have moles, will always do things smoothly, seldom experience twists and turns in their lives, and their descendants are blessed.

2. Moles on the middle of shoulders

From the point of view of traditional academy, the left shoulder represents heavy and base, while the right shoulder is extremely poor and distant. Moles on the middle of right and left shoulders represent hard work, indicating that people need to go through very hard work to succeed.

3. Moles on clavicle

If there is a mole near the shoulder on the clavicle, it means poor financial management in peacetime, not paying attention to the treasury, leading to poverty in old age. Every boy or girl who has this mole should be careful about your money, especially investment. Women with moles of clavicle, no matter which side is left or right, all show that they are generous, stable and smooth, kind-hearted and able to take into account all aspects, and easy to get along with.

4. Moles on scapular

There are moles on the scapula, which can be easily touched with both hands reaching back. They represent whether men or women, have their ancestors to rely on. There are many real estate in houses, and they have certain social status. The most important thing is that they are carefree and free all their lives. Furthermore, people with auspicious moles on scapula are usually good at communicating with others, easy to get trust and help from others, have good luck, and easy to get help from others, and to succeed. But if it's a bad mole, it means that people's communicative competence is poor and it's difficult to succeed without practice.

In addition to the mole on the above parts, the mole on the shoulders of different shapes also have different meanings: 

  • People with moles on their shoulders and high shoulders are easily looked down upon in society and will eventually be left out.
  • People with moles on their shoulders and high right shoulders have arrogant attitudes and lose credibility.
  • People with moles on their shoulders and high left shoulder have a gentle disposition and will be trusted by others.
  • People with moles on their shoulders and thin shoulders, people with poor shape, weak and sick subjects, and unstable living conditions.
  • Moles on the shoulder and shoulder shape is not good, like the anchor shoulder, although healthy, but because of low character, and vanity, so easy to disgust.
  • People with moles on their shoulders and broad shoulders are willing to take responsibility and enjoy results. The wider their shoulders, the more capable they are. If a man's shoulders are flat, thicker and broader, it means that he is willing to bear, but also able to bear, and the harvest he gets is more enjoyable.
  • A man with a mole on his shoulder and a thick shoulder means that he is a responsible man who can bear responsibility and enjoy the results even though he has no expected harvest after hard work.
  • Men with moles on their shoulders and sloping shoulders are less responsible and lack of responsibility.
  • A man with moles on his shoulders and drooping shoulders is short-lived.
  • A woman with moles on her shoulders and sloping shoulders means that she is flat all her life. A woman with sloping shoulders is better than straight shoulders because she is feminine and only needs to take responsibility for herself.
  • Women have moles on their shoulders, which are thick and round, indicating that they have paid fruitful efforts, but also that they have to rely on, such as the material supply of their husbands and a comfortable and stable life.
  • Women have thick backs, round waists, narrow shoulders and moles, which means that they have no harvest after hard work and are prone to encounter emotional and financial blockade.
  • Women who have moles on their shoulders and have no flesh, expose their clavicles, have thin back muscles, and work twice as hard. It's hard work.