What to do and pay attention to before Tarot Card divination

1、 Time:

Tarot Card speculates that the time is not limited to time, nor does it have to be in the evening, but it should be in silence, but once a day is better.

2、 Location:

Choose a secret place, preferably not in public, in order to maintain a quiet atmosphere.

3、 Object:

The speculator can be himself, or he can speculate for others.

4、 Shuffle:

Before each speculation, the inquirer must shuffle the cards and mix the cards at will. Shuffle the cards face down and put them on the table with two hands; You can also hold it in your hand and shuffle it like playing bridge.

5、 Cut card:

After washing the cards, fold the cards, ask the questioner to cut the cards twice, and then put them on the table.

6、 Draw:

According to the question to be asked by the questioner, select the speculated card type, and let the questioner start to draw cards. Only one card can be drawn at a time.

7、 Arrangement:

Arrange the cards drawn by the inquirer in the order of the card type. At this time, all the cards are covered downward.

8、 Look at the cards:

Open the arranged cards one by one, wait until all the cards are opened, and then start to untie the cards.

9、 Release:

Whether you speculate for yourself or for others, feel the feeling and meaning of this card type before solving the card; Then from the solution of each card and the relationship between the whole card type to do a comprehensive analysis.