Which moles on the face should not be removed


In ordinary life, some friends or netizens come to ask whether the mole can be removed, whether the mole is good, what is good, or what is bad. Because moles are common in the face, there are always one or two moles on the body and face of ordinary people, many of which are inconvenient because they grow on obvious parts. If you want to click them off, you are afraid of having an impact. So, which moles in the face can't be clicked off?

1. Hidden mole, don't point it out

Generally, in the face, there is a very accurate generalization about the good and bad luck of moles, that is, moles like to hide and don't like to expose. Therefore, hidden moles are generally good and represent some auspicious meanings. For example, some parts have moles that can be Wangfu, and some parts have moles that represent a skill, etc. Therefore, hidden moles generally don't point out.

2. Never point out the moles that grow when you are lucky

Many people naturally think that moles are born. But in fact, if you pay close attention, you will find that some moles are not born, but slowly appear at a certain stage. I've noticed this myself. Originally, there were no moles in this place, but one grew slowly more than ten years ago, so moles can also grow later. There is a principle, that is, when you are lucky, don't point out the mole, because it comes with good luck and generally represents a good phenomenon.

3. The mole on the forehead is generally good. It's best not to point it out

Why is the mole on the forehead generally good? In fact, it is related to the five elements. The five elements on the forehead belong to fire, while moles generally belong to soil. Fire and soil are born together. Moreover, it is a good phenomenon that forehead fire is prosperous and there is soil leakage. A mole on a woman's forehead generally represents private money or talent in some aspect, and a man's representative has great expertise and so on. Therefore, the mole on the forehead generally do not point out.

4. Meat nevus or red nevus are generally auspicious. Don't point it out easily.

It is different from black nevus. Generally, meat nevus or red nevus are auspicious nevus, and generally do not affect beauty. Therefore, you can pay attention to it, but for people with meat nevus or red nevus, their career is better, or their luck is better, and it is easy to have noble people to help. Therefore, do not easily point out meat nevus or red nevus.

5. Moles on facial features generally have a certain meaning, and don't point them out easily

For example, a mole in the ear is a good mole, which means that many things have talent and expertise in some aspects. It is a good mole. Even a mole on the nose is a good thing many times. Therefore, it makes sense that people with great wealth actually have one or two moles.

Therefore, it is not necessarily bad to have moles, and many moles are very good, which should be handled according to different situations.