Detailed explanation of the 12 constellations of Aries


Aries (first house) March 20-21 ~ April 19-20

  • Constellation alias: Aries in the west, Aries in the Japan, and Aries in the wrong name.
  • Symbolic meaning: ram, ram's horn.
  • Constellation symbol: the basic constellation of fire and masculinity, which holds the beginning and head of life.
  • Guardian planet: Mars.
  • Birthstone: Diamond
  • Auspicious animal: Phoenix
  • Auspicious metal: Iron
  • Auspicious gem: Ruby
  • Auspicious day: Tuesday
  • Auspicious colors: bright red, white, black, sky blue
  • Auspicious numbers: 3, 9, 18, 27, 36
  • Auspicious flowers: Star flowers, stars in the sky, a string of red flowers
  • Relative Constellation: Libra.
  • Constellation formula: I am
  • Constellation formula: creation, showing off.
  • Temple Planet: Mars.
  • Prosperous Planet: sun.
  • Sunken Planet: Saturn.
  • Weak planets: Saturn, Uranus.
  • Body parts: head, face, brain, upper row of teeth, etc.
  • Constellation diseases: headache, head, eye diseases, tooth diseases, etc.
  • Positive features: pioneer, executive, competitive, impulsive, enthusiastic, courageous, independent, active, living in the present and rapid.
  • Negative characteristics: authoritarian, impatient, violent, hasty, arrogant, rude, disobedient, and sloppy.

The first constellation of the zodiac is Aries, so this constellation is related to the beginning. Aries is a constellation that can be seen near the South on your head at dusk in December. Two of the brightest stars are the horns of Aries. The vernal equinox, when the sun passes through this constellation from 3/21 to 4/20, is when the night becomes shorter than the day. Due to the long sunshine in spring, all kinds of flowers begin to bloom. Aries born in this period are full of vitality and energy.

Aries gives people the impression of vigorous energy and strong ability to handle affairs. The facial features are deep and sharp outline, towering forehead and cheekbones, powerful chin knot and tight lips. The eyebrows are thick, the eyes are sharp and direct, and the nose is long. Changeable and irritable; He is a natural fighter with vigorous skills; Caring people will show childishness in front of them. All in all, he is a very cute guy!

Aries people are impulsive, adventurous, generous and fearless. Once they make up their minds, they will not die until they reach the Yellow River. They will overcome all difficulties to achieve their goals. Aries born people are very devoted to new things, and are brave in taking risks and pursuing speed. Most people who belong to Aries have a bad temper, but they will never take it to heart. They will soon have nothing to do. Scorpio, who keeps a grudge, is just the opposite of Aries. Aries is the first house of the zodiac, so he likes to be the first strong sign. In addition, Mars is in charge of Aries. They must ignite a raging fire, otherwise life will be bleak.