Complete collection of tarot card array -- conjecture of birth palace bitmap


This divination method is second only to “ Fate conjecture method ”, Is the second most popular deck. The design of this card array corresponds to the day after tomorrow's twelfth house of the astrological chart. People who know the astrological chart may be more comfortable with it. The birth chart method is first used to interpret a person's fortune in all aspects within a certain period of time. If you don't have any specific problems, this card array is more suitable for you!

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the applicable time of this speculative method. In principle, the tarot card is a short-term speculation tool, so it is more suitable to speculate on things in a short period (such as one or two years). However, the birth chart method can also be interpreted for a long time.

1、 Applicable brand type

22 large akanas, 56 small akanas and 78 tarot cards. (for beginners, it is recommended to use only the big Akana card for divination, because the number of cards used is relatively small, so it is easy to remember the meaning of the card. After getting familiar with it, add the small Akana card.)

2、 Matters needing attention in divination

In the card array, there is a traditional connection between some constellations. For example, Aries 1, Leo 5 and Sagittarius 9 (fire sign) are a connection combination, while Taurus 2, Virgo 6 and Capricorn 10 (earth sign) are another connection combination; In addition, cancer 4, Scorpio 8, Pisces 12 (water sign), Gemini 3, Libra 7 and Aquarius 11 (wind sign) are also closely related, which should be paid special attention to when divining.

3、 Pendulum method

Since the birth house divination method requires 17 cards, we can draw 17 tarot cards randomly and place them in the order shown in the figure during the shuffle.

4、 Memorial tablet implication

  • Aries Palace: my palace &mdash& mdash; A characteristic of character or opinion or action.
  • Taurus Palace: Palace of wealth and silk &mdash& mdash; Money and material transportation.
  • Double uterus: knowledge palace &mdash& mdash; Short distance, short-term travel, communication, brothers and neighbors, school problems (up to high school).
  • Cancer Palace: family Palace &mdash& mdash; Family, mother, home.
  • Lion Palace: Entertainment Palace &mdash& mdash; Love, entertainment, children, leisure, gambling.
  • Virgo Palace: work Palace &mdash& mdash; Disease and health status, work environment, workplace and subordinates.
  • Libra Palace: interpersonal Palace &mdash& mdash; Relationships, marriage, helpers.
  • Scorpio: sex and death &mdash& mdash; Sex and death, inheritance, inheritance.
  • Sagittarius: Spiritual Palace &mdash& mdash; Foreign countries, universities, learning and religion, long-distance or long-distance travel.
  • Capricorn Palace: social Palace &mdash& mdash; Social evaluation, father, vocation and occupation.
  • Aquarius Palace: Friendship Palace &mdash& mdash; Friends, sociality, desire.
  • Pisces Palace: Secret Palace &mdash& mdash; Disaster, rest, hidden enemy.
  • Overall operation: it is the key card, the sum and conclusion of all cards.

The following four cards represent the four constituent elements of the universe, fire, water, wind and earth, with directional implications.

  • Fire: spirit &mdash& mdash; A hint of when to think and act. (1, 5 and 9 Cards)
  • Water: emotion &mdash& mdash; Give a hint of emotion or emotion. (4, 8 and 12 cards)
  • Wind: knowledge &mdash& mdash; A hint given to speech, correspondence, etc. (3, 7 and 11 cards)
  • Soil: material &mdash& mdash; A hint given to things related to reality, money, etc. (2, 6 and 10 cards)

5、 Unwinding sequence

Solve the cards according to the sequence number of the constellations. Pay attention to the connection between the constellations of the four elements when solving the cards. Finally, interpret the cards representing the four elements of fire, water, wind and earth, and put forward suggestions to the diviner.